SJ Week 13 – Ben Franklin

This has been another great week! Sorry, don’t have too much time today. Time is flying by. We had tons of success and are being blessed with referrals and and miracles. It’s been a cool week.

We did service for a member in the English ward this week, and we were cleaning out this tree in her super nice yard. We were working pretty close to this little pond and were yanking on this branch, and I stepped back into this nasty pond. It was pretty bad. I did the rest of the service with a wet shoe.

Service with mask

I cut Elder Kuttler’s hair today, that went well. Almost left him bald. 

Kuttler’s Cut

We had some awesome lessons this week! We had a lesson where we put two people on date for next month. We set a goal to help five people be baptized before I go home. So, we are going to be grinding. 

We had splits with the APs this week. It was weird being on the other side of things again haha. I was with Elder Ledkins from American Fork. That was super fun and he got us hyped up. 

We went mini-golfing with the Elders in the zone, which was super fun. My golf skills have gone down quite a bit hahaha, not that I had any before. 


This week, I gave a workshop in our zone training meeting about goals. I shared this quote from my Dad that I loved and that has helped me a lot, and I think it could do the same for all of you.

It said: Today in family church we talked about developing Christlike attributes. We talked about how during our limited time on Earth our goal is to develop as many (and as well) as possible. I remembered reading about Benjamin Franklin, a man who likely accomplished more than almost any contemporary (possibly minus Thomas Jefferson), who would map out his month by allotting one attribute to work on each week. He would tick off on a calendar each day per week that he successfully worked on that goal. He figured after a week that he was ready to move on to another.

Imagine if you focused on Faith or Love or Charity or Service (etc) for every week for the rest of your life. Don’t you think you would see marked improvement? So many of us just bumble along through lives and never make much progress. This is simply because we are in the middle of a vast ocean with no land in sight. Some are comfortable to just idly sit and enjoy the sea, sun, and life. However, when the storms come they complain and moan. Others recognize that our purpose is beyond the horizon and that the only true direction comes from looking to Christ. By doing so we can progress towards him and through his grace (wind and weather), we can make it safely to our destination which is infinitely more enjoyable than a lazy day at sea.
Working hard brings us infinite joy. It’s so much better than idly sitting.

I love you all! Thank you for all that you’ve done. I’m so grateful for all of you. I love my Savior. And can’t wait to continue serving him.

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