SJ Week 12 – Teaching in Vietnamese

I love the mission. It’s been another great here in Las Colinas! The members here are the best, so many funny and loving people who take such good care of us.

To start our week off, we had to give up the Altima with no computer, so that was sad. We were sure we were gonna get a brand new hybrid Rav4, but they pranked us and we got another Corolla. But, we named her Natalie and she’s a beast because she still doesn’t have the computer that yells at us.

This week, we taught a ton of in-person lessons which was super cool. We realized the biggest problem we were having was not developing real relationships with the people we are teaching, so we set it as a goal. We taught like 75% of our lessons in person, so that was cool.

Maybe the craziest lesson of my whole mission wasn’t in Spanish or English. This week, I taught a lesson in Vietnamese! There’s tons of Vietnamese people here in San Jose by the way. But anyways, we were teaching a lesson the this part-member family we’ve been teaching for a while, and their Vietnamese next door neighbor came over to us. In his VERY broken English, he points at us and says, “you, two. I want one, me.” and points over to his house like 20 yards away where he has one chair set up for one of us to sit. So I wished Elder Bryan luck in the lesson which we had planned and I went over to talk to my boy Tin. In his very broken English, he said he had a few questions to ask me. He started asking about Yeshua and Buddha, asking “who maked the Buddha”. So, after like 10 minutes of trying to communicate, I decided to videocall the Vietnamese speaking Elders and have them teach him. So they answered his questions for like 15-20 minutes probably and then they hung up and Tin said “no answer my question” so I had to keep on trying to answer it hahaha. I finally learned that he was trying to ask who created God after about 25 minutes. So I tried my best to answer, but the language barrier was a bit too much. So I offered him a Book of Mormon which he politely declined, and he thanked me for my time. Later, we were eating dinner with the part-member family after Elder Bryan taught the lesson, and Tin came over with a plate of four fried eggs, saying “I maked for you. Me! My hand! For you!” and so that was just the cherry on top to that bizarre situation hahaha. So yeah, maybe I’ll get transferred to the Vietnamese program for my last transfer. 

We found a really cool family this week named the Cazas family. They are this older couple who were interested in the Bible and now are being prepared to be baptized! We had a few great lessons, gave them priesthood blessings, and did some service cleaning out their nasty shed filled with spiders and rat poop. We are super excited for them and it’s been fun teaching them. 

This week, our ward mission leader and his wife, the Hatches, moved. They’re this young couple that had just gotten married and were living here in California for a few months. They were such an awesome family and did tons for us and it was sad to see them go. We helped them pack and had a tiny goodbye party for them. They’re moving to Draper so they’ll be close-by! 

Farewell to the Hatches

We had another service project with Hermano Esquivel. We helped clean out and organize their garage, which was cool. He’s lived a cool life and so he had tons of cool stuff. I reached behind this cabinet and found this super old original portrait of his grandfather, and he was so excited to see it. He said he’d been looking for it forever and was happy that we were able to find it. He’s an awesome guy with an incredible conversion story. 

Grandather’s portrait

This week, it was Elder Kuttler’s birthday. We all kinda forgot until about noon, so that was sad hahaha. But, we went out to eat at Five Guys, which is SO expensive here haha. His parents also sent him like 40 It’s-Its (fancy ice cream sandwiches) and so we have been eating those all week haha. We went on a hike today for P-Day. I understand now why California has any fires. If there was any sort of fire up there, the whole city would burn down. But it was pretty and fun to see all of San Jose and the ocean from very far away. 

This week, I set a goal to study one General Conference talk every day, and it’s been a great experience. I KNOW that President Nelson is a modern-day prophet, and that as we follow his guidance and counsel, as well as the other Apostles and leaders, we will be blessed both temporally and spiritually. I invite you all to make time this week to study some of their words. I love my Savior and I’m so grateful for Him. I want to be just like Him. I love serving Him, and I want to do so for the rest of my life, and forever. I’m excited to take advantage of this last little bit I have here. I love it. I love you all! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I appreciate you all. Thank you for all that you do for me. 

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