SJ Week 14 – Missed Email

¡Buenas tardes! I hope y’all have had a good week and that all is well at home. It’s been an awesome week here in the the best ward, Las Colinas. I love it so much and all the members are the best. There’s the funniest Latino culture and everyone is just so loving.

Speaking of our ward, we got transfer news this week! I’ll be staying here in Las Colinas for my last transfer, but Elder Bryan will be leaving, which was surprising to hear. I will be training for the first time  (-2 weeks in a trio haha) and continue as a ZL which I’m so excited about! It’s crazy thinking that my last transfer in the mission is already here. I will pick him up tomorrow, so we will see how that goes! Elder Christiansen will also be leaving, and Elder Kuttler will stay here with me and reorient a missionary.

We’ve got a lot of cool things going on here.We got some new neighbors last week, which has been interesting so far. They live above us and it’s always crazy how much noise they make and how much they move around. We can’t do our calls outside anymore, because there is clouds of weed and bad music haha. A lot of times, we will walk into our apartment and just get hit with a cloud haha, our whole apartment is getting painted with the smell. Gotta love California. We are becoming friends with them, and are planning on taking them brownies (without weed in them) to continue preparing them to be converted haha. 

We’ve done a lot of work for Facebook this week. We filmed a video with a member here, Moroni, who just came back after being inactive for a while and he shared such a great testimony. That went well. Later, we filmed a video for Elders Kuttler and Christiansen. They are filming a piano/harmonica duet of Amazing Grace. We went up the canyon to get some nice footy so that was fun. It’s still weird having a car haha, but it’s a big blessing. 

This week, it rained for the first time since I’ve been here. There was this crazy lightning storm that woke us all up and apparently, that’s super uncommon for this area. There’s been tons of smoke from fires that started from the lightning, and today, we were up in the mountains for a zone activity and we got to see the fires. It was pretty crazy. 

One crazy thing here in this area of San Jose is the diversity. Today, we were in Walmart buying our groceries and Elder Kuttler said “we’re the only white people in here”, and there really wasn’t anybody else who was white except us. It was crazy. I love it here, San José keeps on surprising me. 

I wanted to share a couple cool spiritual experiences from this week. First, we were teaching a member who’s coming back to activity in the Church and he’s been dealing with some problems and was asking us for advice. We started using some scriptures from The Book of Mormon to answer his questions, and he just kind of paused for a second and the Spirit totally just filled the park we were at, and he said “wow, the scriptures really do have all the answers, don’t they”. It was a cool moment of personal revelation for him. 

This week, I studied a talk by President Oaks called The Melchizedek Priesthood and its Keys from this most recent conference, and in the talk he shared about the role of the Priesthood in the family. It really is something so important, and I invite you all to read it, especially if you hold the Priesthood. I love you all. Thank you for all you guys do to support me. I’m so excited for this last transfer and for what’s ahead. I’m motivated to work harder than ever.

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