SJ Week 11 – 24th BBQ

San José! Insane but I love it haha. Time is flying here and I’m having a great time. The mission is so good and I’m so happy that I was able to come back out. Here’s a bit about our week today.

We went and volunteered at the Portuguese Community Center, so my 27 words that I learned on Duolingo of Portuguese came in clutch. We worked as lunch ladies, and I cut a watermelon and a cantaloupe for the first time in my life.

We have a little palm tree seed that a member gave us that we named William Jr., and it was kinda dying. Since we are all trying to get huge, we have a lot of protein powder. So, we gave some to the tree, so he will start getting huge soon.

We are still skrting in our Nissan Altima. Life is good.

We had a barbecue for the 24th of July that was super fun! I grilled up some nice chicken.
We had a goodbye dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife, the Hatch family which was super fun. They’re this cute young couple and it’s sad that they’re leaving. He served his mission serving in Italy and he was telling us some crazy stories. We are gonna miss them.

We had tons of in person lessons this week! It was awesome! We are still pretty locked up here, but we can still have in person lessons if we are outside in a private area, socially distanced, and masked. We are enjoying going outside a bit while we still can haha.

I put an ad on a local Facebook page just offering service to people, and we’ve had a couple cool opportunities from that! We had this guy asked us for food, and we were able to take him some stuff from Trader Joe’s that they donated to us, and he was super super grateful. That was a cool blessing to light someone’s day.

We have gotten some awesome referrals from members this week! We will have the opportunity to teach them this next week so we are excited for that! Share the gospel! You receive blessings and share the same blessings with those who don’t yet have them. Win-win.

Other than that, pretty standard week in quarantine! We are having lots of fun here, it’s a party living together. We are working hard and seeing some blessings. I love being a missionary, and I love my Savior. I wanna be just like Him.

Also, if yall wanna see the last Book of Mormon video leaked, go to November 30-December 6 Come, Follow Me lesson. It’s a good one.

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