Week 68 – Valentines Day

Another week full of milagros! This week was super fun, and we are being very blessed with miracles and progress. We are grateful.

This week, we had our last two Zone Conferences of the transfer, and Elder Marin’s last Zone Conferences haha. That was super fun. We went to Venado Tuerto which is always fun going back to my first area, and had another Zone Conference in South Rosario.

In our workshop, we talked about the importance of our invitations, how we should always extend them with a blessing, like the Lord does with the commandments he gives us. We also talked about the importance of having our own testimony before promising blessings, so that the invitation has power. That was awesome, and it’s always super fun to see all of my buddies.

Our Zone Conference on Friday was on Valentine’s Day. President was teaching about invitations, and he started sharing a personal experience of when he had to extend and important invitation and get a commitment. He went off for like 10 minutes, talking about the importance of studying the doctrine. He shared with us Doctrine and Covenants 132:20, which talks about being sealed and our potential to become Gods as a sealed couple. He then put a poem on the screen that said:

Roses are Red, Doctrine & Covenants 132:20 is true, My invitation today, Is to let me become a God with you.”

Then he called up Hermana Allred, showed everyone her wedding ring, and told us that that was the moment when he proposed, and the ring was hidden in her scriptures hahaha. It was so funny. I love them and it’s so fun working close with them.

It’s crazy to me that my time with Elder Marin is coming to an end. I remember when President called me and said that I’d be an Assistant with Elder Marin, that was the next part of my mission. These four transfers have flown by, and I’ve loved this time together. We are gonna work hard these last three weeks, and baptize!

I had splits with our old companion, Elder Romo! That kid is so funny haha, I love him and it’s fun having him close. His companion, Elder Reveco, our district leader, is such a stud and helps our district a ton. He has a ton of potential.

On Saturday, the Hermanas in our ward had a baptism! This amazing 22 year old named Federico who came to church and absolutely loved it, and since then, he has become part of the ward and has absolutely loved it.

A kid from the neighborhood who plays soccer in our sports activities sometimes came to the baptism in a white shirt and tie. We asked him where he got it, and he said he’d bought it himself. He’s 14 and his name is Daniel, and the kid is such a beast. He normally hung out with a rough crowd, trying to fit in and find a place where he was accepted. He is friends with Maxi and Vanesa’s kids, Lisandro and Emanuel, who were baptized in the last year. They invited him to come to church, and he had a total change after coming. He asked us “So what do I have to do to be baptized?” after the baptism. We explained a bit and he had heard about the Book of Mormon and how it was important to read. He asked for a Book of Mormon and started reading it right off the bat. We are super excited for him and it´s a huge miracle.

Bianaca, who I wrote about a few weeks ago, chose to be baptized on March 7th! She’s awesome. She woke up on Sunday with a lot of stomach pain, and told us that she wasn’t gonna be able to come to come to church. We invited her to pray, asking for strength and blessings, so that she could come to church. We walked by her house on the way to church, and called and asked if she was going to come. She came outside dressed for church. Her faith is a huge example. We’ve been very blessed with our church attendance recently. Vamos por mas!

I’m safe, happy, and healthy. I love the mission and I’m so grateful to be here. Thank you for your prayers. I love you guys and hope that everything is well at home.

Cannon, Marin, Reveco, Maco at zone conference
Marin & Cannon
Cannon & Marin

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