Week 67 – Gospel Changing Lives

I love the mission! We had a very busy, but a blessing filled week this week. It’s so amazing seeing so many blessings daily. I love always seeking to feel and follow the Spirit, and to help others do the same. 

The highlight of the week was Camila’s baptism! It was such a special day that we’d been waiting for for so long, and to finally help her be baptized was something so special. She has had such a huge change since we first started teaching her. She has a new light and is so much happier than before. Since she got back from EFY, she’s been so happy and wakes up every morning early to read her scriptures, which is not something that every 14 year old does haha. She invited tons of her family and friends to her baptism and confirmation, and now lots of her friends are interested in learning more, so that’s a huge blessing. 

We also had two of our four Zone Conferences this week! In Pergamino, it was raining so hard outside. I walked out into the foyer to check on something, and Priscila and Liliana (old converts), are sitting on the bench, soaking wet, because they came through the rain to visit me. They started crying and just were so excited haha. Priscila made me little drawings so be able to teach the Plan of Salvation, and they were both just very excited to see me. I love being able to know them, and seeing their firmness in the church brings me so much joy. Their lives have totally changed, and it’s amazing to see the joy that the gospel can bring to our lives.

This week, we had 10 people at church! We’ve been very blessed recently, and we are super grateful for the success God is giving us. Rosario and Bianca, who we found last week through service, came to church for the first time and loved it! Bianca looked up the norms of the church, and is already starting to stop drinking coffee and doing things that you can’t do as a member haha. We didn’t even say anything. So we are super excited for them and their progress. 

Today, we went and saw the Rosario Central (one of the two biggest teams here in Rosario) stadium! It was awesome. They showed us the locker room, the warm up turf, and we got to go on the field. We also went to a mall, and that was so weird. I hadn’t been in a place like that in over a year haha, I felt in another world. I saw a parking garage, a river, a boat, and lots of things I hadn’t seen in a lot of time. It was a party. We went with our Zone Leaders, Elder Arroyo from Guatemala and Elder Betancourt from Venezuela. 

Another exciting week ahead of us here! We should have a few more baptisms in February and the start of March, so we are exciting and working hard towards that! We also will have two Zone Conferences, one where I’ll go back to Venado Tuerto, and the other in South Rosario. I’m happy, healthy, and learning more than ever! Thank you guys for all that you do for me! I love you so much!

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