Week 66 – Prepare Field for Rain

I love Argentina so much. I love the people, the culture and just about everything else. There’s been so many funny things and also amazing things that have happened this week, and I’m just very grateful to be where I am.

This week, we had transfers, which means a long day in the bus terminal. I was still with my fever, so that was pretty rough haha. Then at night, we said goodbye to the missionaries going home. Everyone sleeps in the “bunker”, this room with a bunch of bunk beds, and then they leave early in the morning. One of the Elders and one of my good friends, Elder Gonzalez, was up all night throwing up. Poor kid. I pray that that doesn’t happen on my last day haha.
On Tuesday, we went and welcomed the new missionaries. There are two Elders, Elder Draeger and Elder Jeppson, who are 6’6″ and 6’10”. Holy cow, I forgot how tall my dad was haha. They were giants, it had been so long since I’d seen someone that much taller than me.
Before Friday, we have been working on writing a talk for the mission, called Game Day. It talks about the importance and the vision of the mission in helping people come to church on Sunday. That was a different assignment than we normally have, but it was super fun putting it all together. Then on Friday, we had our Leadership Conference, where the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders helped us make changes, and now we are going to finish it and send it to the mission!
This week, we had to send a reference to a few Elders from the Buenos Aires West mission, because we’d received a reference from Temple Square that lived outside of our mission. We called the Elders to explain the situation, and the first thing they asked was if I speak English, and they started speaking a ton in English haha, which isn’t something you normally do. They were asking all these questions about where we were from and how much time in the mission and stuff like that, just like, not super focused on the work haha. But, they asked if we were Zone Leaders or District Leader, and we told them we were the Assistants. The Elder said “Oh my gosh you guys are the assistants? I can’t believe we’ve been talking to Assistants this whole time.” Hahaha and they got a lot more serious and focused on the work. That was super funny.
We had a cool miracle of service this week. We were out knocking doors late Tuesday night, and we heard this lady behind us say “This tree trunk would be so good as a bench in my house.” Basically lowkey asking us for help. We offered to help, and carried this massive heavy tree trunk covered in sap to her doorstep. We got there and started talking to the lady, and she invited us in. Her name is Rosario, and she lives with her 25 year old daughter Bianca. They started asking us about the church, and we explained a few things, and set an appointment to come back the next morning. When we returned, they were both super excited to learn more and very interested in the church. On Saturday morning, we had a tour of the church building, and there was such a special Spirit, and they were both very excited to come next Sunday.
We had a huge miracle on Sunday. 13 of our friends came to church! It was awesome and such a huge blessing to see, for the second week in a row. And, everyone who came last week also came this week, except for one girl who was out of town. It’s incredible seeing how the Lord is blessing us here. Something that President Allred always says is that we have to prepare our fields for the rain. The rain is starting to come, and we are excited to harvest. It was an awesome Sunday full of blessings.
We’ve got a busy, exciting week ahead of us! We have two Zone Conferences, one split, and a baptism on Saturday! Maria Paz’ daughter, Camila, will be baptized! This last week, she went to EFY and loved it. She grew spiritually a ton and came back with such a light and happiness. She’s super excited for her baptism this week, and so are we. I love you guys!
Please pray for my sister Madi, who has surgery today on her ACL. Thank you for everything! I love you all!

Tate also received a photo from a mission buddy who just finished and returned to Neuquén where a good friend and neighbor (Sam Bennett) is serving.

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