Week 65 – a little late

Tate had transfers last Monday and was sick, so we didn’t get his note until this week.

It´s been an awesome week here in Belgrano! We had lots of blessings and funny moments, but I´ll just talk about a few highlights.
The biggest blessing of the week was having 14! of our friends in church on Sunday. That was a huge blessing and so cool to see such a huge miracle. Sadly, I woke up on Sunday with a bad fever, so I had very little energy at church haha, but it was awesome and so cool to see the Lord’s blessings.
We had splits with Elder Maco and Elder Packer from Pergamino, and I called Priscila and the Ramirez family (recent converts) from their phone. Everyone started crying when I called and they realized it was me haha, it was super cool to be able to talk to them. Gabriel asked “When do you go home?” and I responded “October 6th” and he said “Perfect, we will get sealed October 7th so you can be there.” I obviously explained the importance of doing it when the time is right but it was so sweet.
We were in a lesson with one of our friends this week and he was saying the closing prayer. In his prayer, he said “Please bless Gimena, Marin, and… Croc.” Hahaha he forgot my name and called me Croc, I was trying so hard not to make any noise from laughing during the prayer.
It’s been dang hot here. So humid. I get out of the shower, and by the time I’ve dried myself off, my whole body is wet again from the sweat haha.
We had an awesome church tour this week with this family, Iris and Gaston, and their kids, Mia and Giovanni. We focused a ton on the family, and the Spirit was super strong. Afterwards, they stayed to watch us and Gaston play soccer with everyone, and there were so many people there. At least 15 non members, and 30ish members. That was awesome.
I love you guys! Thanks for everything, especially your prayers! I’m so grateful to have all of you in my life. I love Argentina!

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