Week 64 – Tourist Tate

Lots of tender mercies this week. We realized last week that we weren’t giving everything we could for the mission, for the ward, for the missionaries, for our companionship, for the zone leaders, and for the people that we are teaching, and we dedicated ourselves to do more. This week, we’ve seen countless blessings and we’ve seen the Lord’s hand very present in His work. 

I had splits with my buddy Elder Smith this week! That was so fun and we learned a ton together. I love that kid so much, and it’s so cool to see the growth that has happened in him since the MTC, and that helped me see the growth in my life. It’s been awesome having him here as my district leader. 

We had an activity at the church this week where we invited a ton of people to come and play soccer. Basically everyone we invited came, and we played with tons of nonmembers, so that was a cool blessing. As we were playing, I got tripped and fell dang hard haha. I scuffed up my knee and thought I’d broken my wrist for a bit, but after a few days, everything is all better haha. 

On Sunday, Maria Paz gave her first talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon! It was SO good. Hearing her testify of the comfort and joy that she has been able to find in the last 6 months was something so special. It amazes me the power that the Book of Mormon can have. Her life literally changed completely, because of a Book. She found purpose and motivation to progress, because of a Book. When she has gone through or is going through hard times, which she has gone through plenty, she turns to a Book. There is so much power and joy waiting for us, if we are just willing to sacrifice ten to 15 minutes of our day, and feast on the words of Christ. I have come to love the Book of Mormon on the mission. I learn from it every single day. Every day that we prayerfully read the Book of Mormon with a question, as we seek, we will receive an answer every single day.

We went and visited the National Monument and the Parana River on PDay! That was awesome, I had never seen it before haha, even though its the only touristy thing in our whole mission haha. This will be the last week of the transfer! I am guessing I’ll stay here with Elder Marin, but we will see what happens. I love the mission! Thank you guys for everything. Especially to my dad and my sister, Avery! They both have birthdays this week. I love you guys!

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