Week 63 – Program Update

This was a very special week. We worked dang hard and had lots of nights getting home to the apartment exhausted, but it’s a good feeling knowing that you’re giving your best. We had some good splits this week and had a lot of success. We’ve seen some awesome progress and lots of blessings.

Maria Paz received a calling and got asked to give her first talk next week. Normally, people, especially new members, are terrified to give their first talk. Maria Paz was SO excited to tell us about her assignment haha, so that´ll be awesome next week. 

On Sunday in Sunday School, Maxi, who we baptized a few weeks ago, and his wife, Vanesa, got up and shared their testimonies of the Book of Mormon, and it was incredible. Hearing Maxi talk about the change that he had in his life just from reading the Book of Mormon was so special. After, Vanesa got up, bawling, just so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the change that it had made in her and her family. We had a lot of people at church where it was their first time going, and hearing those testimonies helped those people a lot. I’m so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the change it has made in my life, and to see the change that it has made in the lives of others.

On Saturday, we had a Family Home Evening where we watched the Joseph Smith movie with the Zorzoli family and Jorge and Claudia, an older couple that we are teaching. That was awesome, and then Jorge was able to come to church on Sunday.

This lady who we are teaching named Mirian has some physical disabilities, and it’s been hard for her to be able to come to church. We had a lesson with her, and she said that every time she gets to the weekend and starts getting ready to go to church, her body starts to hurt. She explained how she knew it was Satan putting opposition in her path, and said “No matter what, I’m going to church on Sunday.” She came to church, and loved it, even with lots of pain in her body.

It was an awesome week. We are working hard, and having lots of fun. We wanna baptize, and we are doing all we can to get there. I love you guys. Thanks for everything. 

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