Week 62 – 2020!

2020! Excited for another great year in the mission. It’s crazy that it’s already been a year since 2019 started. But I’m super excited for this year and to keep working in the Lord’s service. I love the mission so much, and I’m very happy to be here. 

We had a fun couple of days for the New Year! On the 31st, I woke up a bit sick so that was a bummer, but we went and played soccer at night with all of the Elders and that was way fun, and then went and slept with Elder Smith and Elder Romo.

On the 1st, we went to the mission home, where Hermana Allred made breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls, wow, it was sooo good. Then we played Pickleball and basketball all together. Then, we went and played soccer with all of the Elders again. We got home so tired that night.

On Thursday, I had splits with one of my good friends, Elder Fennegan from Texas. Then, Friday, we had our Leadership Council for the Mission, and that was awesome. We talked about the importance of charity and becoming like Christ. 

We’re having some good success here in Belgrano! We are striving for baptisms, and excited for the next few weeks where there won’t be many distractions from the work. We had 5 people come to church on Sunday, and we are getting things ready for a few baptisms coming soon.

I love the mission. Many times, it’s hard not to get frustrated with myself. I want to grow as much as possible and do everything for Christ, but many times, I feel like I’m not doing all I can. However, something I learned this week is that Christ doesn’t want perfect disciples, but true disciple. I want to be a true disciple. I love you guys! Thanks for everything. Happy New Year. 

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