Week 60 – Christmas Eve

Tate’s letter is a day late due to a shifted P-day due to zone conferences and Christmas.

A crazy, fun, long, full week here in the mission! But it’s been great! It’s a bit more Christmasy here in Rosario than where I was last year, so that’s been fun. 

This week, we started off with all of the transfers! Which means a long day in the terminal, making sure that all of the missionaries get on their buses and have their suitcases. Only one Elder missed his bus, so that was good haha.

Then, we said goodbye to those going home, including Elder Fackrell. That was good! His parents came to pick him up and tour Argentina, so I got to meet them which was cool. 

On Tuesday, we went and picked up the new missionaries and they met their trainers! Which is always super fun. It’s super funny thinking about being in their shoes a little over a year ago, and hearing their worries and awful Spanish haha. It’s crazy how much has changed since I first got here.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we had our Zone Conferences! That was super fun. With the Christmas Zone Conferences, we always play soccer and other games, so I got to do triple of that, which was a blessing haha. Lots of soccer, finally played some basketball, we played Spikeball, and on Friday, it was raining a ton, but we all went out to play anyways which was super fun. Everything turned out super well with the Zone Conferences. 

We didn’t have very much time to work in the week, but we were trying our hardest to call our amigos and maintain contact with them. We were blessed on Sunday as seven of them came to church! That was a huge blessing, and we were super excited. 

On Sunday, I spoke in sacrament meeting about the mission of Jesus Christ. I found out I’d be speaking on Saturday haha. I focused on the phrase that we have in Preach my Gospel, that says ¨God sent his Beloved son Jesus Christ to the world so that all of God’s children could have the possibility to experience joy and peace in this life and eternal life in the coming life with their family.¨Jesus really gave us the possibility to have happiness, peace, and eternal life with our families, and it’s all through His atonement. I’m so grateful for Him and His sacrifice for me, especially this time of year. I’ve found so much joy because of Him, and repentance, and the peace that brings the Plan of Salvation. I love being a member and missionary of His Church, and love sharing the fulness of the Gospel. I know that He is my Savior.

Merry Christmas! I love all of you guys and hope you enjoy this time with your families and the snow haha. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I´m very blessed.

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