Week 58 – Elder Romo

The mission is so good, I love it. We’ve seen tons of blessings and tender mercies, and had lots of fun this week.

First, Maria Paz finally had her baptismal interview this week! She’s been waiting for so long and so have we, so we were super grateful that she could take more steps towards baptism. She is such an example of faith. She relies so much on the Lord and and is always so firm in her testimony. She finished the Book of Mormon once already, and she’s more than halfway through Alma again. We are so excited for her baptism on Saturday, and also one or two of her daughters will be getting baptized with her! So that will be very special.

Next, our ‘hijo’ (son), Elder Romo (formally Concha but they had to change his name to be appropriate for Argentina), is a beast. He’s such a funny kid, but the poor guy is so tired haha. We’ve worked him so hard, but he really has no fear and is already a great missionary. It’s been different living, teaching, working, and doing everything in a trio, but it’s been a super fun change. We told Elder Romo that this is my last transfer, so he thinks that this is my last week in the mission hahaha. It’s been super funny watching him adjust to the culture. All of the new words and phrases that they use and that we use and he was so confused. We were out contacting and we clapped outside of a house, which is what we always do to knock, and he got so confused and asked why we were clapping haha. That was super funny, and we’ve had lots of other funny experiences already. 

On Saturday morning, we had a service project as a district where we cleaned a member family’s property. We cut a bunch of huge plants, and I found a tortoise!

We have an exciting week ahead of us. It´s the last week of the transfer, so we need to get ready for the transfers. We will also have interviews with President, and we are planning a Family Home Evening in the mission home with the people we are teaching and President and Hermana Allred. We also have Maria Paz and her daughter’s baptism, which will be so special. We will have to say goodbye to two of our companions on Monday, Elder Fackrell who is going home, and Elder Romo, who will get transferred. Then, the week before Christmas, our schedule is INSANE. 

I love the mission! I’m learning more than ever and growing so much. Thank you guys so much for your prayers. I feel them helping me every single day. I love all of you guys and I’m super grateful for the influence you’ve had on my life. I love the Book of Mormon. This week, I read the chapters where Jesus Christ personally ministers to the people in the Americas. He shows so much love, charity, patience, kindness, humility, service, hope, and I’m so grateful for Him and His example. I love Him so much, and want to become more like him. I love you guys! Thanks for everything.

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