Week 57 – Mugging Miracle

It has been a crazy crazy week here in Belgrano haha. Lots of funny stuff has happened, and we’ve seen some cool miracles.

We’ll start with a miracle. A family that I found with Elder Maco in Pergamino two transfers ago got baptized on Saturday! That was super cool to hear about. The story of how we found them was super cool. We were in a Leadership Conference, and another Zone Leader, Elder Bastian, came up to me and asked if I knew who the family was, who lived suuuuper far away. I didn’t but I said I’d look for them in our Area Book. We found their names and address, and walked sooo far looking for them. We finally found the street after hours of searching, and met Cristian and Cecelia Chade. Cecelia talked about how it was too much of a coincidence that we went by right when we did, and now they’ve progressed all the way until baptism. So that was cool to be a part of.

Next, I got robbed! We were walking in a semi-dangerous part of our area and this guy came walking up to us super fast to shake our hand. I thought he was just drunk (which is something we get a lot), so I reached my hand out to shake his. He grabbed my hand and held it tight, and lifted up his shirt, showing that he had a gun tucked into his belt, and starting saying, “give me your phone! give me your phone!” and jammed his hands into my pockets. I was almost laughing as it was happening. He took out my agenda and saw that it had no value, and gave it back to me, then took the Missionary Handbook out of my shirt pocket, where I had my money and credit card, and then gave it back to me, thinking that it had no value haha. I had my phone in my other pocket, but he didn’t check that one. He went for my companion for the day, Elder Mayer, but he just backed up and then the guy went off running haha. More than anything, it was super funny, and I’m grateful the Lord helped protect my phone haha.

This week, we’ve done a ton of on the fly service. We helped a guy replace his roof, painted a cart, helped a guy build his house, raked a few yards, made and used cement to add a new room on a house, and a few other random things. 

I found out that, for the first time in my mission, I’m going to be Senior Companion for the first time! Kind of!! haha, there are new missionaries coming from Chile who couldn’t leave to the CCM on time because of the riots and protests, but now they are finally getting to the mission. So, for the next 2 weeks until the transfer, we are going to have one of them with us! So that’ll be a party. His name is Elder Concha, but we’ll have to change that because “Concha” is an inappropriate slang term.

Everything is good here in Belgrano! I love the mission and I’m learning tons. More than anything, I’m learning so much and my testimony is growing so much of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love Him, and love how much the Book of Mormon helps me learn more about Him and His gospel. I love this work! I love you guys! Thank you for everything! Light the World! ONE BY ONE.

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