Week 56 – In Search of Lost Sheep

This week, we had our Zone Conferences, and we had some super special experiences.

On Thursday, we were in Pergamino, and President Allred was in the middle of the workshop. Elder Fackrell came into the room and said, “Elder Cannon and Elder Maco’s converts are here, can they come in?” And I was super surprised and had no idea that they were going to come. President looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders, and he let them in. Then, the Ramirez family (a family I baptized 3 months ago in Pergamino) and Priscila came in. When they first saw me, they all started crying and Gabriel just gave me the biggest hug. President had them come up in front of all of the missionaries and he asked them a few questions. They shared their conversion story, what influence the Book of Mormon has had on their life, and lots of the blessings that they’ve seen since their baptism. Then, President asked them what they would say to the missionaries on those hard days, where you’re suffering and missing home and just struggling. Liliana responded, saying, “Please, keep going for us. There are families just like ours that need our message. Keep going and looking, for those like us.” It was so special and the Spirit was so strong and I felt so much joy for people that I was able to find, teach, and baptize and see their increasing progress and happiness. They stayed to eat lunch with us, and Liliana and Priscila were very excited to tell me about the temple, and Gabriel was excited to tell me that he’ll be going soon too. They called President Allred over, and were trying to convince him to let me go to their sealing in 9 months haha, hopefully I’ll be able to go. I’m so grateful for those people and all that I’ve been able to learn and feel with them. I love the mission.

On Friday, we were in Rosario in another Zone Conference, and Gimena came with Maria Paz to do something similar. They shared their conversion stories, spiritual experiences they’d had, and how the Book of Mormon has changed their lives. It was also super special and so cool to hear people that we are teaching express things that they are learning, and to feel the strength of their testimonies after just a few months. We were waiting for lunch on Friday, and the Zone Leaders were super stressed out because it was coming. So I went with Hermana Allred and another missionary to go pick up the food and take it to the chapel. We got to where they were making the food, and it wasn’t even close to being done. It was already 1:00, so we were pretty nervous. Finally, at like 2:15, we got the food and were able to go back and eat haha.

It´s been a great week here in Belgrano. We are working as hard as ever and really excited for a White Christmas, with lots of people dressed in white. I love the mission and the Spirit that I feel daily, and seeing people find the light of the gospel in their lives. I´m learning so much, and seeing lots of blessings in my life. Thank you for everything! I love you guys and hope all is well at home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I´m super grateful for all of you. 

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