Week 55 – Street Contacting

Our week started off absolutely crazy. On Tuesday morning, we said goodbye to all of the missionaries who were going home after finishing their missions, and then we were all in the car, ready to go pick up the new missionaries. President Allred got a call saying that they weren’t going to be here for 8 hours because of strikes in the airport in Buenos Aires. So, we had to reschedule lunch and give all of the trainers that were waiting training for several hours so that was a long day haha. But, they finally got there and we all slept in the mission home bunker and then they went off with their trainers to their areas. It was a long couple days, but President and Hermana Allred took us out to this super nice restaurant after where I ate the best T’bone steak-asado. 

On Friday, we had a Leadership Conference with all of the District Leaders. We watched the new church Christmas movie called “The Christ Child” (here is the trailer) that comes out for you guys this week! I can’t even put into words how amazing that video is. I love it so much, and I’m so grateful for my Savior.

Our new companion, Elder Fackrell, is a BEAST. It is insane how hard he works, and how much energy he has. He contacts everyone in the funniest ways. A few examples – Monday, we were in the bus terminal and he went up to a restaurant and started doing magic tricks for the people eating and then contacted them. Another time, we were buying our groceries for the week waiting in line to scan our stuff and pay, and he asked one of the ladies which chocolate was her favorite and just starting going off about how much he loved the food here and then went running after her to get her address. Then, we were eating at that very fancy restaurant with President and Hermana Allred, and he just stood up and walked into another room. We peeked over, and he was contacting six people in the middle of a business meeting. I love him so much haha, it’s so fun and exciting being with him. This week, we’ve hardly been with him at all, because he’s been traveling and doing splits everyday. 

This week, we started teaching Gimena’s friend named Lisandro. He’s 19 and came to church on Sunday! That was super cool, and he’s been progressing a ton this past week. Gimena is still doing awesome, just waiting for her mom’s permission haha. Maria Paz took some huge steps towards baptism this week, and we were able to give her daughter, Camila, a baptismal date in December! Things are happening here in Belgrano!

This week, we´ll have all of the Zone Conferences, so it´ll be a super busy fun week. I love the mission! This week, I read a talk called “The Ricciardi Letter,” and it´s helped me out a ton. I’ve contacted so much more than I normally do this week, and the Lord has blessed us. I love being a missionary and for all of the tender mercies I see every day. I love you guys! Thank you so much for everything. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, I’d love to help any way I can. 

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