Week 54 – 1st Transfers as AP

A crazy, great week here in Belgrano! I’m loving it here. 

So here in Argentina, there is like one channel that exists that all of the Argentines watch, and one of the TV programs is “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but from Argentina. One of the questions they had this week was: “How many wives did Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, have?” and the answers were 10, 20, 30, and 40. So, all week this week, we’ve been hearing about Joseph Smith from everyone haha, I’ve learned lots of patience. 

We had a crazy experience on Wednesday. We were contacting a family that’d listened to missionaries before, and we starting talking with the dad of the family, and found out that he was a member. He told us that he lived in Utah for a few years, and I asked where, and he said SANDY. He worked at the Walmart in Quarry Bend (1 mile from our house) and everything haha – it was crazy. But, since then, he has become very inactive. While we were there, he was complaining a lot about how people say they have faith. but don’t act, and was very angry at all of the churches that there are with all of the people who act like they’re so perfect on Sunday and the rest of the week they’re horrible. And he just kept complaining and arguing and getting more and more heated haha. There was this pair of scissors on the table right in front of where I was sitting, and as he was talking, he started shaking and reached for the scissors and I was just praying that he wouldn’t stab me haha. In the end, we just had to stand up and leave as he screamed at us as we walked out of his door, so that was eventful. 

This week, we had transfers! It was cool to be able to work with President on that, and super fun to let all of the Zone Leaders know what is going to happen in their zones with the missionaries. I’m going to be staying here in Belgrano with Elder Marin, but another Elder, one of my good buddies in the mission, Elder Fackrell from Alpine, is going to be our companion for his last transfer! But, he is going to be a traveling AP, so he’ll be here and that’ll be super fun to work with him!

Sorry that its so short! I don’t have much time! I love you guys!

Parental Note (from our chat conversation) – Tate was excited that Priscilla and Liliana from Pergamino were able to go to the Buenos Aires temple together.

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