Week 48 – Assistant

Wow, what a crazy, painful week hahaha. Lots of funny and amazing experiences. Up until Saturday, I had nothing to write in this email, but since then, it’s been absolutely crazy haha.

On Saturday, we were having our deep cleaning of our apartment. In our apartment, there are these two heavy wooden chairs, where one is stacked on top of the other. I was moving some things and cleaning and one of the chairs fell and landed on my toe. It hurt bad and I was in pain, and then I looked down and saw all of this blood and my toenail destroyed haha. 

Right after that happened, we were tending to my toe and President Allred called us. He said “I’m about to change your lives.” He told me that he needed me in Rosario as his assistant! I couldn’t believe it. So now, my area is Belgrano in Rosario, and I’m going to be with Elder Marin from Paraguay.  I’m super nervous and excited, and ready to work a lot haha. 

Later on Saturday, Marcos Ramirez had his birthday party and we went. His uncle is basically a clown and he was juggling and stuff so that was fun. His job is juggling in the streets at stop lights and then collecting money from the cars. I went with one shoe and my sandal because there was lots of blood still and my toe was very sensitive haha. On Saturday night, we called the zone to let them know their transfers and where they were going. That was way fun, and we ate some nice empanadas. 

On Sunday, I spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time in my mission haha. That went well, and then had to say goodbye to lots of the members. I went to church with a sandal and a shoe haha. At night, I had to say some hard goodbyes. We were with Gabriel and Liliana and their family, and they gave me this mug and note that was super nice. Gabriel asked me to say the last prayer, and that was tough haha. I broke and was just so grateful and feeling so much love for all of them. Everyone was crying and it was tough to say goodbye. I love that family so much and I’m super excited for them in their future in the church and for their sealing. Cute Marcos and Ailin came and hugged me and were crying lots. I love that family. Then, I had to say goodbye to Priscila and the Masello family. That was also hard. It’s been so amazing to see Priscila’s progression and testimony, and the Masello family has done sooo much for me. I love them lots too.

Elder Maco is staying in Pergamino as a Zone Leader, so he will come to do splits with us soon so that’ll be fun to see him again. I’ve loved these two transfers we’ve had together. I’ve laughed so much and had such a good time. Hopefully, we can be companions again. Now, I’m gonna have a crazy week haha. We have to send the missionaries who are finishing home, pick-up the new missionaries and help them find their trainers, run a leadership conference, and lots more. I’m super excited, nervous, and already tired haha.

I love the mission, I’m learning so much and my testimony is growing so much stronger. Pray for me this week haha, I’m going to need it. Thank you guys for everything, I love you all so much. If there’s anything you need, please let me know.

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