Week 47 – Priscilla goes to the temple

It’s been a pretty unexciting week here in Argentina haha, but a good one as always. We saw some huge blessings, and lots of cool things happened. 

On Tuesday, I had splits in Rosario with one of the Assistants, Elder Marin from Paraguay. That went super well, he’s a super funny kid and so spiritual. 

On Friday, we had an activity where we played games and watched the new Book of Mormon video! All of the missionaries have been so excited for months haha, because it’s the only movie that comes out that we are allowed to see. But that was awesome, Gabriel and Liliana came and were talking to this lady that other Elders are teaching and were sharing their testimonies with her! They’re awesome. 

On Saturday, I had to do my first two baptismal interviews! Those went well.This week, Priscilla (the girl who got baptized a few weeks ago) went to the temple! She sent us a text right after she walked out of the doors of the temple saying how much she loved it and how strong the peace was that she felt inside, and how grateful she was for us in helping her have that experience. She’s awesome, and is learning a ton. 

On Sunday, Gabriel blessed the sacrament! That was so special and so cool to see. This week, I made them banana bread, even after I almost burned down our apartment last week, and they made us torta frita. I love that family so much. 

This is the last week of the transfer! Hopefully, next week, I’m still here in Pergamino. I’m loving basically everything about the mission. Elder Maco is super funny and we work very well together, I love the ward I’m in and all of the people that we are teaching, I love being a Zone Leader and all of the opportunities I have to learn and serve, and I love this restored gospel, and being able to share it every day. I love you guys! Thanks for everything. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for any one of you. 

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