Week 46 – Beehive and Burnt Banana Bread

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President which were awesome as always. I love that man. He’s so spiritual and has so much love and I’m super grateful that he’s my Mission President. 

We had a service project with this Hermana Torigino where we cleaned out her garden. She has a lemon tree in her backyard where she let us take as many as we wanted. We used them to make lemonade.

On Friday, we went to the Ramirez family’s house, where they surprised us with empanadas which was awesome. They were watching the Basketball World Cup, and I got to see Rudy Gobert playing against Argentina! It’d been so long since I’d seen a basketball haha so that was sick. The Ramirez family is doing awesome, I love them and we are super excited for them and their future in the church. 

We’ve seen lots of miracles in finding people to teach this week. We were on splits, and we found this lady named Leandra who had a family member die recently and has been researching to find out what happens after we die. She had been studying with the Jevohah’s Witnesses, and we taught her a super powerful lesson of the Restoration so that was awesome.

That same day, we contacted a reference from members from another ward, and met Nancy and Melany, a mom and her daughter. They’ve been going to the church in another ward because they didn’t know that there was a church building that was a lot closer to their house. But, we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and were talking about going to church. Melany is 13, and she said “I’m a Beehive!!” and was super excited about the church so we are excited for them.

We got another reference from the Canaviri family, a family of members in our ward, of some of their friends who they’d recently met. They told us where they lived, and we went to go find them. They live 45-60 minutes walking from our apartment, like the farthest that there is, in the middle of this giant field, all alone. But we found them and their family. Their last name is Torres, and they’re a family from Bolivia with 4 kids. We taught them about the Restoration, and they were listening super interested, and were super excited to read the Book of Mormon that we left with them. They have a ton of potential, and they’re a super cute family.

I’ve been cooking up some nice banana breads this week just so you know. We were going to play soccer on Monday, and I’d been cooking banana bread in the morning. We got to the soccer field, and I realized that I left the oven on with the banana bread inside hahaha. So we went running back to the pension and our whole apartment smelled like burnt banana bread, but we got there and it wasn’t too bad haha.

We had a great week! I’m loving the mission. Thank you guys for your support. I love you guys and hope all is well at home. 

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