Week 43 – Gabriel & Liliana

Monday, our first official day as Zone Leaders, was one of the longest, best days of my mission. More than anything, the lesson we had with Gabriel and Liliana was absolutely incredible. We watched Elder Holland bear his testimony over the Book of Mormon, and after, shared our own testimonies. Elder Maco shared one of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever heard, about him and his conversion and it was incredible. I felt the Spirit possibly the strongest I ever have in my entire life and felt so much love from my Heavenly Father. Gabriel and Liliana also felt it, and made the decision to be baptized September 7th with their kids, Marcos and Ailen!!! They have been so prepared by the Lord, and are going to do so many amazing things in the Church. I’ve seen their minds really open because of the Restored Gospel and been able to see so much happiness come to their lives and mine as well. I know that this is the Lord’s work. I know that President Allred is an inspired man, for keeping me and Elder Maco together in Pergamino. I love this gospel, and I’m so excited for September 7th.

Later in the week, we taught Gabriel and Liliana about the Word of Wisdom. They were super willing to live the Word of Wisdom and were already making plans for taking all of the alcohol, tea, and coffee out of their house. It’s so amazing to see their testimony grow and develop. I’m so excited for their baptism.

We’ve been teaching this lady named Marta this week, who is awesome. She’s been reading lots in the Book of Mormon and received a super-strong answer that this really is Heavenly Father’s path. She loves the Book of Mormon, and has a baptismal date for about a month away!

Gabriel, Liliana, Marcos, and Ailin all came to church on Sunday and it was awesome. We were sitting next to Marcos and he said: “So, I can get baptized?” and we said “Of course!”, and his face just lit up and he got so happy haha we are so excited for them.

In the afternoon, we found this amazing family. Their last name is Rios and we knocked on their door and they let us in super fast and said that they knew that God had sent us. We taught a bit of the Restoration and asked if we could say a prayer to bless them and their home. We all kneeled down together and prayed, and as we finished the prayer, the dad, Rodolfo, was bawling and it was just such a special moment.

It’s been a long, awesome week here in Pergamino. We’ve had lots to do and been learning lots. This week that we have ahead of us is gonna be so busy; splits with the assistants in Rosario, zone conference, the Prophet is coming to Argentina so we get to go and watch the broadcast, and Gabriel and Liliana’s baptismal interviews! We are super excited.

I love the mission, and I’m so grateful for all that I’m learning and being able to constantly help people with the gospel. I love you all and I’m super grateful for you. Thank you for your prayers and all that you guys do for me. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! I love you guys!

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