Week 42 – Zone Leader

On Monday, we had a lesson with Gabriel and Liliana. As we were walking into the house, Gabriel said: “We have a surprise for you guys.” And we walked in, and they had made us this big dinner and their family was sitting around the table waiting for us haha. It was super fun and I’m super grateful for them. On Thursday, we had another lesson where we watched the talk “Come, Follow Me” by President Nelson with them. The Spirit was so strong and the talk finished and they were both crying and it was amazing. It’s been such a huge blessing getting to know Gabriel, Liliana, Marcos, and Ailen, and we are super excited for them and their future.

On Friday, I had splits with Elder Moraga from Chile. We were contacting in the morning and this lady let us in to teach her. She was like 3 feet tall and crazy haha. She said that she liked us ever since we walked in, and she insisted that we took some of her tupperware as a gift. So now, we have tupperware from an old lady in Argentina.

We also had a super cool experience. We were walking by this avenue and this truck driver signaled at us to stop and he pulled his truck over and got out to come and talk to us. He asked if we were Mormons, and we said kind of, and he said that he had found one of our pamphlets in his house and wanted help. He explained that his wife started worshipping demons and stuff like that (something very common here), and that he couldn’t feel peace in his home anymore, so he wanted to look for Christ. He said he was ready to get baptized or do whatever it takes, so that was a cool experience of being in the right place at the right time. There are so many cool little miracles that we see every day.

On Saturday, we were eating lunch with the Canaviri Family, and I felt our phone start vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out, and President Allred was calling, which isn’t something that happens every day. We answer and President says “I’m going to give you guys your transfers a little early. Elder Maco, you are going to be called as Zone Leader.” And we both started freaking out haha, and asked where he was going. President said: “You’re going to be staying in Pergamino, in your area Castelli.” And we were amazed because the Zone Leader’s zone almost never changes. Then he said, “Elder Cannon, you are also going to be called as Zone Leader, and your companion will be Elder Maco!” NOOO WAY hahaha I could not believe it. We both started freaking out just so excited. Earlier in the day, I had been getting all of my stuff ready to pack and getting ready to say goodbye to everyone, but I’m so happy I have another 6 weeks here in Castelli with Elder Maco. It’s crazy because we both have less than a year in the mission, and except for this last transfer, where Elder Maco was district leader, we had been Junior Companion our whole mission. It is not very common going from Jr. Companion straight to Zone Leader haha, I’m super excited and nervous and grateful and feel very blessed. More than anything, I’m excited that I have another 6 weeks here with the people we are teaching and to work with Elder Maco. We’re going to have to learn a ton together and work even harder, but we are both so hyped and we bought empanadas and ice cream to celebrate.
Until now, we’ve had a busy first day as Zone Leaders. We have to manage all of the transfers here in Pergamino, and one Hermana who was going home in Rosario left one of her suitcases, so we had to send it to Rosario. Also, another companionship of Hermanas locked themselves outside of their pension, so it’s been a good couple hours haha.

It’s been an awesome crazy week here in Pergamino! I’m super excited and nervous for this next transfer and can’t wait to get to work. I found out that I’m going to have my three best friends in the mission (Elder Smith, Elder Smith, and Elder Miklich) in my zone, so that’ll be super fun to see them. I’m super excited and feel very blessed to be in the mission. I love it. I see the gospel bless people’s lives daily, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to share it daily. The gospel brings me so much peace and happiness, and I’m so grateful to have it in my life. I love you all! Thank you for everything! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you guys. I love you all! Thank you for everything!
Also, shout out to my Dad for his half marathon. He’s the new Usain Bolt. Check him out in the Olympics next year.

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