Week 44 – Prophet in Argentina

On Monday, we had another awesome lesson with Gabriel and Liliana. Liliana told us that last night, she was in her room alone praying, just really asking God if this really is His path for her and her family. She told us she felt this burning happiness in her chest, and Gabriel walked into the room to Liliana with tears in her eyes saying that she got her confirmation. That’s a huge blessing that’s helped strengthen my testimony and their’s as well. Last week, we taught them the Word of Wisdom, and they told us that the kids aren’t drinking tea anymore because they stopped buying it haha, and Gabriel already gave away the alcohol that he had in his house. It’s so awesome to see their conversion, and they are super excited for their baptism next week, and so are we. They’re really a family of converts, and it’s such a huge blessing to have played a role in their conversion. 

On Wednesday, we were able to listen to President Nelson! He got up to speak with his translator by his side, and started speaking in English. Then, he turned to the translator and said IN SPANISH, “With your permission, I’d like to speak in Spanish.” And then his translator sat down and he gave the whole talk in Spanish, which was awesome and so cool for all of the members to hear the prophet speaking in their language. Gabriel and Liliana came and loved it.

On Thursday, we had a crazy day. We had a service project where we dug this huge hole, like 5 feet deep, and then we spent the whole afternoon getting things ready for Zone Conference. We have to give a workshop and get all of the food and make sure everything is ready, so that was pretty stressful haha. At night, we had a lesson with Gabriel and Liliana. As we were leaving, Gabriel told us that they’d told him at work that tomorrow will be his last day. It’s so sad, especially when they’re just about to make this amazing decision to be baptized. If you could keep their family in your prayers, it’d help a lot.

On Friday, we had our Zone Conference, which was very stressful haha. As Zone Leaders, we had to give a workshop and organize the whole thing and feed everyone, but thankfully, it turned out great. I love President Allred. As a mission, we just started reading the Book of Mormon, and we are all going to finish it together on Christmas Day. I love the Book of Mormon.

On Saturday, Gabriel, Liliana, Marcos, and Ailin passed their baptismal interviews! So that was super awesome and we are super excited for them. Gabriel told us that he was working at his last day at work, and he stepped aside for a minute and just said a heartfelt, humbling prayer. He finished his prayer, and got a text that was one of his friends saying that he had a job opportunity for him. The Lord answers prayers, and blesses us when we have faith. But, their baptism will be next Saturday! I’m so excited and happy and grateful that they’ve been able to make this decision. I love them so much. 

We had an awesome day at church on Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting, and lots of the people we are working with were able to come. Marisol, the less active who we’ve been helping change her life, got up and shared a cute testimony. Then, Gabriel and shared such an amazing testimony. He talked about his conversion, and all of the questions that he had and how he’s been able to find all of the answers. He shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and of Joseph Smith and modern day prophets, and of the Restoration of the gospel, and that was super cool to hear. We are so excited for their baptism on Saturday! And then, Delfina, the girl who got baptized like 2 months ago, got up and shared a cute testimony about how she know God loves her and answers her prayers. It’s so cool to have been able to help these people come to this knowledge, and to see the happiness of the gospel in their lives. We were sitting in church, and Marcos, who is Gabriel and Liliana’s son, who is 8 told us, “when I grow up, I wanna be a missionary like you guys.” I love the people here in the Castelli ward, and I’m so excited to keep working here.

It’s been a great week! Very busy, but I’ve learned a lot seen lots of miracles. More than anything, we are super excited this next week for Gabriel and Liliana’s baptism! Please pray for them that everything turns out okay, I love them lots and they’ve taken very good care of me here. Thank you guys for everything. I hope you all know that I love you and I’m super grateful for you, and that I love this gospel and being a missionary. Thank you guys for everything! I love you all. Please lemme know if there’s anything I can do to help you. 

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