Week 41 – Cannon Jingle

Elder Maco had paperwork to do in Rosario on Tuesday, so we got to go! We went to McDonald’s, which always takes me right back home. It’s super expensive here haha, but basically the exact same food. I love it.

On Thursday, I called home and wished my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The big 35 😉 Thanks for everything momma, I love you lots.

We had an awesome lesson with this lady named Vilma on Thursday. She’s a reference from a member, and she’s come to church twice and loved it. We taught her about the Restoration, and she loved and said she knows it’s true. We invited her to be baptized, and she said she’d love to.

On Saturday, Miguel Canaviri got baptized! His parents are converts from like 3 years ago, and it was super cool to see Hermano Canaviri be able to baptize his son. I love that family so much.

We’ve been helping this girl named Marisol who I wrote about last week. She’s had such a hard life and is going through some rough times, but she’s really working to change her life and leave her addictions. She’s come to church the last two weeks, and she’s become so much happier and has so much more life and light in her eyes since talking to us. It’s been super cool to help her make those changes and to help her find that happiness she was looking for.

Gabriel and Liliana are doing great! They and their two kids came to church, and they’re loving learning more about the church. They are super close to making that step of choosing to get baptized, and we are super excited for them. I love that family so much.

Something funny that I’m surprised I haven’t written about yet. So we present ourselves a lot as missionaries, like saying “Yo soy Elder Cannon, y soy de los Estados Unidos.” CANNON is a super nice mattress brand here in Argentina that does tons of advertising. So a lot of times, when I present myself, the people will say “Oh! Like the mattresses!” and there’s a jingle that the people always sing to me from the commercial. Click here to view the commercial (it’s an earworm)

So I’m Elder Cannon, like the mattresses. Sometimes people will say “like the camera!” or “like the perfume brand!”, because there are also Cannon brands of those two things haha.

Sadly, we have transfers this next week. I’m really hoping that I get to stay here in Pergamino. I love this ward and all of the people who we are teaching, and I’m loving being with Elder Maco. But, next week, I’ll let you all know haha.
I’m loving the mission! I’m learning so much, and it’s such an amazing experience sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing people change their lives. Thank you all for everything! I love you guys. Lemme know if there’s anything I can do for you.

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