Week 40 – Life Changes

We had interviews with President this week! I know I say it a lot, but I love that man haha. He’s helped me so much and has given me so much guidance and inspiration. After our interviews, we left all motivated, and every person we talked with let us in to teach them so that was super cool.

We’ve been talking with this lady named Marisol, who was baptized 10 years ago but immediately fell away from the church. She’s an alcoholic and addicted to marijuana, and we’ve been helping her trying to change her life. She asked if she could get baptized again because she wanted a “fresh start” haha. But she’s super excited to change her life and really become a better person. She invited us to eat with her and is super grateful for us, and came to church on Sunday and loved it.

We had an amazing lesson with Gabriel and Liliana on Thursday. We read 3 Nephi 27 together, and after, they started talking about how they’re becoming “more and more convinced” and feeling more and more that the Book of Mormon is true. The Spirit was so strong and we were all crying, it was amazing. And they were able to come to church on Sunday. I’m super excited for them and for their family and future in the church. I love the mission.

So my companion, Elder Maco, is from Lima, Peru. There’s like 9 million people who live in Lima, so there is tons of pollution. He says that the sky there was always just gray, so the weather is something new to him. He’s always amazed when I say “it’s going to rain today” and it rains and stuff like that. So I’ve been like teaching him how weather works, like that the sun lights up the moon and that all of the stars are like the sun, just far away, and it’s changed his life haha. All of last night, he was just looking up at the sky saying “It can’t be real. There’s way too many.” I love that kid hahaha it’s been way funny.

We are teaching this lady named Gabriela who is wanting to stop smoking so she can be baptized. She smokes like 2 packs of cigarettes a day, so we are trying to help her with that. We called the number on the cigarette box that says “Want to stop smoking?” and we are helping her with that.

We talked with a less active lady this week who has had a crazy life. She got mixed up with like gambling stuff and got tricked into devil-worshipping and became psychotic basically, but she has turned away from that life and we talked with her today. We gave her a blessing to cast out any bad spirit that was left behind and blessed her house and room where she had devil-worshipping altars in her house before. But, it’s been cool to help her re-learn the gospel.

Priscila, who got baptized last week, is doing amazing. She’s been watching mission call openings all week and getting ready to go to the temple. She got super excited when she found out that David Archuleta is a member of the Church haha. She sent us a text saying that she wished time machines existed so she could be opening up her mission call already. She fasted on Sunday and said that more than anything, her desires have grown to serve a mission. We are super excited for her, and I’m so grateful to have been able to help her know the Gospel.

We had a miracle on Sunday of 7 people who we are teaching who came to church! That was awesome, and it’s been super cool have success like that. We are super excited for all of the people we are teaching, especially Gabriel and Liliana, and Ludmila. I’m loving the mission and learning SO much. It’s been awesome to help change the lives of people this week. It’s a very unique experience and one that I’m so grateful for.

Thank you all for everything! I love you guys and I’m super grateful for you. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help anyone of you!

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