Week 38 – Priscila’s Progress

This week, we had Zone Conference which was awesome as always. Presidente Allred is one of my favorite people on the planet haha, I have so much love for that guy. I got to see Elder Smith and Elder Miklich which was super fun as always. I had to say goodbye to Elder Trautman, who’s been the AP (assistant to the president) my whole mission and one of my best friends on the mission. Elder Smith stayed the night in our apartment, so that was super fun to hang out with him for a bit.

By far, the story of the week is with Priscila. We’ve had 2 lessons with her after she came to church again last Sunday, and they’ve both been incredible. She was so prepared to be found by the missionaries it’s crazy. Whenever we go to teach her, she’s read a ton in the Book of Mormon and has marked it a ton. She uses the Gospel Library app lots and is always sharing cool scriptures or asking super-intelligent questions. In one of our lessons, we walked up and knocked on her door and she opens it and says “I have a surprise for you guys” and picks up this chocolate cake that she made for us. She also said that she’s been sharing scriptures with her mom and family that prove that the Book of Mormon is true and that they’ve committed to pray and know for themselves. One day, we left her the Word of Wisdom pamphlet to read for the next time we came. When we got to the lesson, we asked her if she had read it. She said that she read it, and had thrown all of the coffee in her house away to obey it. She was worried that eating a lot of these chewy candies every day would count as an “addictive substance” and that it was going to impede her from being baptized haha. She had her baptismal interview this week and passed, and her baptism is this next Saturday. She asked if I’d be able to baptize her, so that’ll be super awesome on Saturday. She was worried about not being able to remember the 10 commandments, so she made these flashcards and had them hidden just in case she needed them for the interview haha. We brought another girl to church on Sunday named Ludmila, who also has lots of potential, and we asked Priscila if she could help her feel comfortable at church. By the end of church, they were best friends so that was super cool to see. She really has a strong testimony, and it’s been so cool to help her learn and be able to find her. We are so excited for her baptism and her future in the church.

We celebrated Elder Maco’s 24th birthday on Saturday! We bought empanadas and made a cake and drank some “Inca Kola“, which is this soda that his family sent him from Peru haha. I’m loving being with him and we are learning lots together.

It’s been an awesome week here! We’re seeing lots of blessings and having lots of fun. Thank you all for your prayers and for all that you guys do for me. I love you all, and I hope you guys know it. I also know that this is Christ’s true and restored church. I love it and I’m so grateful that I get to share it every single day.

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