Week 35 – Priscila

We had a roller coaster of emotions on Tuesday. We were coming back from splits and we called a Remis (like an uber that costs $2), and we got in and were talking with the driver. He was asking who we were and we explained a bit of our message and The Restoration and he says “That all seems kind of like a Disney movie, you guys really believe that?” and he just started asking all of this classic Anti-Church questions, talking about how Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon and how he founded his own church and stuff like that. My companion was getting pretty heated defending what we know haha and it was showing. The driver pulls up next to our apartment and says “Elders, I’m Hermano Funes and I serve on the High Council. I’ve been a member for 33 years.” So he got us pretty good haha.

On Wednesday, we had the coolest experience of my mission. This might be a Mormon Message soon so this is worth the read. So to start, a couple days ago we were going to eat lunch with Hermana Masello. We were almost there but I felt that we should contact one last house before we got there. So we contacted the house and this girl named Priscila opened the door. We presented ourselves and explained a little bit of our message. Her sister was sitting behind her and tried to reject us from inside, saying that they were part of another religion. But, Priscila was interested and told us to come by another day. So, fast forward to Wednesday, where we went by to see if she was home. We knocked, and her brother-in-law opened the door and started rejecting us and shutting the door. We asked if Priscila was home, and his wife, Priscila’s sister, said that she went to her classes for college. We said OK and didn’t think much of it and went on with our day. We’d been walking and contacting for about 20 minutes when this guy comes up to us on his bike. He asks us “Were you guys just at Francia 1300 (the address) looking for Priscila?”. We told him yes and he said “I’m one of her friends from school and I’m in a group chat with her. She just sent a message in this group chat saying ‘if you see the boys from the church, tell them that I was in the shower and want them to come by‘.” We were obviously very surprised, and my companion thought we could just go by another day, but I felt it’d be important to go by right then. So, we went and knock on the door and her brother-in-law opens the door again. We explain to him what happened and he turns inside and Priscila comes out. We explained that we got her message through her friend and asked why she wanted us to come back. Then she said “I was at my parent’s house, and found that Book (pointing at our Book of Mormon) and I started to read it. I was really interested in what it said and was wondering how I could learn more.” We briefly explained the Restoration to her and read Moroni 10:3-5 with her and she understood it super well. She told us she was going to read and pray to see if it really is true, and we set another appointment with her. It was so amazing to see so many things work out just perfectly so that the miracle could happen. We are super excited to teach her.

We had another super cool experience on Thursday. We have been teaching this Montarana family for a while. Their daughter, Delfina, who is 9, is going to get baptized next Saturday! We had a couple complications, but everything worked out perfectly. She’s awesome and super excited to get baptized. She has such a good testimony for a 9-year old and we are super excited for her.

There’s this one house we walk by all of the time that’s all boarded up and looks very abandoned, but this one guy from inside always asks us for cigarettes when we walk by in this deep raspy voice. On Friday, we decided to contact him after he asked us. He explained that his wife leaves for work and he just gets locked inside all day everyday. We asked him if he wanted to stop smoking and he told us he’d been smoking for 75 years. Not a ton of potential, but he said he’d be interested to learn more so we will see what happens haha.

We had a lesson on Saturday morning with Juan and Denis, who are progressing a ton. They love the Book of Mormon and are basically teaching us haha. We asked Juan what he learned from 1 Nephi 3 and he started going off on this way sick example that I’d never thought about before. We are super excited for them and to keep teaching them. Lots of potential.

We’ve had an awesome week together in Pergamino! I’ve loved this time with Elder Nixon, and we are super excited for these last couple days together, and for Delfina’s baptism this week! Next week, I’ll have a new companion so that’ll be exciting. I’m loving the mission and I’m learning so much and it’s so cool to constantly share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had 5 people come to church for the 2nd week in a row, which was awesome. I love this work and this church. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and for all that you do for me. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I love you all!

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