Week 34 – Stones, Spider, and Septic Tank

We had interviews with President Allred this week. I love that guy so much. He’s so in tune with the Spirit and I’ve learned so much from him.

We had splits with the Zone Leaders on Thursday. I was with Elder Hull, who is like this big strong kid. These dogs were chasing us and barking and like trying to bite us, and Elder Hull just turned around and stood like a gorilla and just flexed and all of the dogs stopped barking and went off running haha it was so funny.

We’ve been having some awesome success this week. We have a lot of people who are progressing a lot and reading the Book of Mormon. We are super excited to keep teaching them. My testimony of this Church has grown so much while on the mission. I know it’s Christ’s Church.

We helped Familia Novarece dig a septic tank this week haha, and found a couple scorpions.

We were walking home at night on Saturday, walking through a sorta dangerous neighborhood, and we walked past these teenagers sitting on the corner. After we walked past, I felt a rock nail me in the leg haha and they started shooting us with their slingshots. My companion got hit too but it wasn’t bad or anything. Just a funny experience haha. That whole neighborhood hates us and we have no idea why haha.

We’ve been teaching this couple for a couple weeks now named Juan and Danys and they’re super awesome. They’ve been reading the Book of Mormon and received an answer that it was true. They have the cutest little daughter named Holly who is 1. We gave Juan a blessing of health because he was injured, and we came by the next day and he was healed. We are super excited for them and to keep teaching them.

Elder Smith came to visit this week with another Elder who was coming to say goodbye because he’s finishing the mission. I love that kid so much hahaha.

We killed a GIANT spider. We walked into our apartment and it was just there on the floor. Basically a tarantula haha.

I love the mission! I love you all! Thank you for everything!

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