Week 30 – Eggplant in Vinegar

On Monday, we had a crazy night. When we left our apartment for the day, it didn’t look like it was going to rain so we didn’t take stuff for the rain at all. But we were in this house teaching a lesson, and it started to rain super hard. The house we were in had a roof of chapa, or sheet metal, so it was super loud. We were like yelling to be able to teach. But we had to be home on time so we had to like run home in the freezing rain and we got back soaked. It rained the whole night, and we woke up, and part of our apartment had flooded.

We had the funniest service project on Wednesday. It was with this Catholic grandma named Mersedes who had Elders live in her house for a long time like 15 years ago. She had us help her cut some plants and branches in her backyard, but for tools to do it, she gave us the dullest machete and a broken saw. Eventually, we finished cutting the plants and she had nicely made us lunch. We ate, and it’s up there for most disgusting things I’ve ever ate. She gave us this old hard-boiled eggs, these dark green homemade noodles, these soggy gross potatoes, fermented juice, and eggplant that she prepared by BOILING IN VINEGAR. I ate a piece of eggplant and my throat was on FIRE. It was an interesting experience but it was so funny. I was just laughing the whole time we were eating.

Elder Robinson cut my hair on Thursday. He did a great job, and I’m really grateful, but I don’t think my hair has ever been this short. I look like a chipmunk. When I was born I had more hair then I do right now. All of the people who we have been teaching me have been making fun of my haircut haha so it’s been a good week.

We had a good service project with Familia Canaviri on Saturday. We mixed cement and filled up parts of their back patio with it. It was a ton. After, we ate a super good lunch with them. I’ll try to send pictures.
We got the transfer news on Saturday, and me and Elder Nixon are staying here together in Pergamino! I’m super excited. That means that I’m most likely going to be here in Pergamino for another 3 months, which is good! I’m loving it here and super excited to keep working.

We were out contacting on Sunday, and found this guy out on the street and we kind of started teaching him. While we are teaching, this super drunk guy named Sergio comes up to us and shakes our hands. He’s asking a couple questions and just obviously super drunk. He shakes our hands as he was leaving, and he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a leg of an animal, with like muscles coming out of the end and blood, which I realized he had on his hands. It was a LUCKY RABBIT’S FOOT, but straight from the rabbit haha. I couldn’t stop laughing during the lesson it was so funny.

It’s been a great week here in Pergamino! Elder Robinson, one of the Elders in our ward, got transferred, so that was a sad goodbye. My testimony grows stronger and stronger every single day. If you have doubts that the church is true or feel that your testimony is weak, read the Book of Mormon. There is so much power in that book that can bless us so much in our lives. I’m so grateful to be able to be here on the mission, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ every day. I love Him. Thank you all for everything and for all that you do for me. I love you guys and I’m praying for you! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help any one of you.

One thought on “Week 30 – Eggplant in Vinegar

  1. Tate. You are such a good sport. Disgusting food and bad hair and flooding and you are still laughing. Makes life and mission more fun. Keep smiling.
    Aunt Lori.


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