Week 29 – Mugs of Tea

We had a weird experience on Monday. We were contacting this house and this girl runs up to us and says that her mom wanted to talk to us. We cautiously walk into her house after the girl invites us in and it’s all dark inside with 2 candles lit. We walk in and are super weirded out, but the mom says to us that she wanted to hear our message. We taught her and it was a good lesson but a weird experience haha.
It’s been a weird week haha. We were contacting and met this kid named Juan. He told us he was from “The New Religion”, which we figured out was the Illuminati. He started going off about what it took to be a member of the Illuminati and how you have to sacrifice someone and “take their soul”. We asked him how he became a member and he told us that he picked up this kid off the street and killed him so that was interesting. We made sure that he wasn’t going to sacrifice us before we left so we are chilling.

One of the Hermanas gave us a lunch to eat, and she pulls out 1Kilo of asado so we cooked and ate some nice asado. I only got a little sick after hahaha.
We had a cool experience on Saturday. Last week, I wrote about how all of these people in this one neighborhood were wanting to talk to us. We went and talked to one of those people this week named Ayalin. We asked her why she wanted us to come by and explained that she wanted to listen to our message and build a relationship with God. We taught a good lesson on the Restoration and we left her excited to read the Book of Mormon so that was an awesome experience.

We have also been teaching this kid named Augustin recently. He’s 16 and just this goofy kid. We started teaching him because there were 2 other missionaries who were walking by him and he basically contacted them and asked them if they could go by his house and teach him. So we got the reference and went to teach him. We set his baptismal date for June 8th and he said “that’s the day before my birthday”. So that was cool and we are working with him and excited.

We had a lot of very awkward experiences on Sunday haha. We brought this less-active/non-member family to church and the Sunday school class was on marriage. The teacher went off about people who aren’t married and how it’s a sin, and it was super uncomfortable because they aren’t married yet and he was just destroying them haha. So that was weird. And then, we were out proselyting and this family let us into their house to teach for the first time. The husband asked us if we wanted anything to drink, and we said that water was fine. We were talking with his wife and son, and he comes over and sets these 2 mugs of tea that he made just for us. We just sat there awkwardly and had no idea what to say haha. After trying to stall for a sec, we had to explain that we don’t drink tea. The guy said, “If Jesus Christ was in the room with us, I don’t think he’d mind if you drank the tea.” It was so awkward and funny but we ended up having a good lesson.

It’s been a good week here in Pergamino! I’m loving it and it’s crazy that I’ve been here for over a month already. I’m loving it and loving being with Elder Nixon. We are working hard and trying to work lots with the members. We are teaching a lot of families, which is exciting and we are trying to make the most of that blessing. I love this Gospel and the opportunity that I have to share this message every day with the people of Argentina. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to pray. There is so much power in prayer and it’s the best way to develop our personal relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Thank you guys all so much for all that you do for me! I love you all and hope all is well. Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do to help any of you.

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