Week 31 – Creepy Cemetery

We went to a cemetery on P-Day. It was insane haha. There were so many crosses and just coffins exposed. Instead of being buried in the ground, a lot of people had little rooms where the coffin was in. It was crazy haha.

We went and visited Familia Gimenez on Wednesday, and I brought them some treats that I had from the U.S. We gave them Warheads and they couldn’t eat them at all haha, there is no spicy or sour things in Argentina. Their family loves us so much, they always are feeding us and giving us things.

Nahuel Masello came with us on Friday for a couple lessons and that went great. He got home from his mission a couple months ago and is a beast. He’s always helping us and ministering and just doing so much. We had an awkward lesson with this family we’ve been teaching, where we are trying to help them get married and then baptized. They started fighting in front of us and we were basically just giving them marriage counseling.

We had a cool miracle on Saturday. We were out contacting and I felt that we should go by this family we are teaching, and we went and found the husband, Gabriel. The other day, he’d told us about this dream he’d had after praying to know if the Book of Mormon was true and it was wack and he took it as an answer that it wasn’t true. But we studied and prepared a lot for the next time we taught him. But we went by and we taught him about the Holy Ghost and the promise that is in Moroni 10:3-5 and it was awesome. The Spirit was super strong and he said he was going to read and pray. Their family has a ton of potential and we are super excited to keep teaching them.

Familia Canaviri made us an asado that was sooooo good. One of the best I’ve had in my mission. I love that family. They’re converts of 2 years and we are helping them get ready to get sealed in the temple so that’s super exciting.

It’s been a longer week here in Pergamino but I’m loving it and super excited to keep helping these people progress. I love having the opportunity to share my testimony so many times a day. It’s growing so much and I’m so beyond grateful for the knowledge that I have of Jesus Christ’s Church. I love you all and I’m so grateful for you! I pray for you guys and would love to help you with anything I possibly can.

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