Week 24 – Transfer to Pergamino

My birthday was a good one! Thank you guys all so much for your birthday wishes and emails and stuff! We had District Council in the morning, where the new Senior Missionaries from Pleasant Grove, Matrimonio (Senior Couple) Rhoades, made me a cake which was super nice. We also had splits that day, where I was with Elder Navarro from Peru which went well.

On Wednesday, we had lunch with Familia Menchi, where they surprised me with a cake that they´d made which was super nice. We also went and got Nahuel´s ice cream in the night which was super good.

On Thursday, we had lunch with Familia Alassia, where they also made me a cake haha. All of the members here are super nice and loving and it´s super fun to be here with them.

On Sunday, we had District Conference (Stake Conference) and Presidente Allred came and spoke. He got up to speak and said ¨Get up here missionaries!¨and had us sing Called to Serve in front of everyone haha I love that guy so much. Then later on Sunday, I said goodbye to Elder Mathias which was good. It´s been an awesome 2 transfers and I´ve learned a ton. Then we went around saying goodbye to all of the people we are teaching and some members and that was tough. I love this branch and I´ve loved my first area. But I found out that I´m going to Pergamino (another city similar to Venado Tuerto) with Elder Nixon from American Fork! I´m super excited to work with him, he trained my buddy Elder Smith and has 2 transfers left so I´ll probably finish with him. I´m super excited and I´m loving the mission!

During President Allred´s talk in our District Conference, he spoke about the power in the Book of Mormon. This week, I finished reading the Book of Mormon and I´ve come to know of the power that there is in it. I´ve come to know of the truthfulness of it, which has strengthened my testimony in all aspects. We use the promise that is in the introduction and in Moroni 10:3-5 of the Book of Mormon all of the time with people we are teaching, and it really is a promise for us. If we can read the Book of Mormon and ponder it in our hearts, and then ask with faith, real intent, and a sincere heart, we will come to know the truth of the Book of Mormon. I love it, and encourage you all to find better ways to study it!

I love you all! Thank you all for your prayers and for all of the birthday wishes. Let me know if there´s anything I can do for any of you!

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