Week 23 – #prayforshrek

We had a cool experience on Monday! We were talking with Familia Vargas, a member in our branch who just had that back surgery, and we gave an old couple next to them in the hospital a blessing of health and comfort, and then the husband died a couple days later. But we were talking with them about his wife, and she told Hermana Vargas about some miracles that she’s seen in her life since the blessing, and now she is listening to the missionaries and reading the Book of Mormon every day and coming to General Conference this week! So that’s been awesome to see. There are so many little miracles and tender mercies that we see every day as missionaries. I love it.

We were walking and we had Shrek (our dog friend) with us, and we were on this dirt road that the city had just sprayed with water at night. There were a tonnn of toads in the street and just jumping all over the place, and Shrek was chasing after all of them and like freaking out and like hitting them with his paws and barking and it was so funny. He was so scared of the toads haha I was crying from laughing so hard. Shrek is the best.

I’m so sorry that all I talk about is Shrek, but we had a sad experience with him. We were walking and he always like gets in fights with the other dogs because they get mad that he is walking in their territory, but today that happened with this big german shepherd, and it got a hold of Shrek’s neck and we like kicked the other dog off but Shrek got a big gash in his neck that was bleeding a lot. He kept following us until we got back home for the night, and we tried to help him by hiding ibuprofen in the food we gave him haha and cleaning the cut the best we could. #Pray4Shrek but he will be okay, he’s a beast.

A cool little tender mercy we had this week. We’ve had a rough week in terms of success, with several days of just contacting and all of our appointments falling through. It was late at night one of these days and we were trying to think of what we should do. My compa felt like we should go try Daniel, the guy who came to church with his kids this last week, and we went and he was there, basically waiting for us and we had an awesome talk after he’d gone through some trials this week with his family. He’s awesome and excited to watch General Conference! It’s so cool to have the Holy Ghost with us, and just having the Lord’s hand in the work.

We had an awesome lesson today with this new couple that we have been touching, named Franco and Catia, and their little daughter, Catalina. They are super interested in the Gospel and love us and want us to come over for dinner and stuff haha, but it was an awesome lesson. They had lots of good questions and are we can’t wait to keep teaching them!

We had an awesome day on Saturday. We watched Conference in the chapel with all of the Elders and that was way fun. All of the Yankees watched it in English in another room haha so that was nice. In between the sessions, Matrimonio (Senior Missionaries) Goesch took us out to get ice cream which was way fun. We also went out teaching for a little bit and had an awesome lesson with Daniel and his kids, who came to church this last week. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we committed Daniel and his oldest son, Augustin, to be baptized! So we are super excited for them and to keep teaching them.

This has been a hard week, but it was awesome to watch General Conference. We have such an awesome opportunity to listen to a living prophet giving advice from God specifically for us. It was awesome to see Elder Villar speak in the Sunday afternoon session (He came and spoke to our mission 2 months ago). He spoke about faith with us and in General Conference. There were a ton of things I learned, but a ton of things I felt too. My testimony that this truly is Christ’s church has become so strong. We have a living prophet who knows what’s best for us. I’m so grateful that I have Christ’s Gospel to follow in my life. I love Him and feel the love that He has for me. Thank you guys for everything, including your prayers. I love you all. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do for you.


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