Week 21 – Milagros

On Tuesday, we had a weird but cool experience. One of the Hermanos in our branch just had back surgery, and he was in the hospital and talking with some other people in the hospital and they said that they wanted a blessing. So we went and gave this blessing to this old guy basically on his death bed, but the Spirit was super strong and he calmed down a lot during the blessing so that was awesome to see. Also on Tuesday, we taught this new, 25 year old guy named Marcos. While we were teaching, we asked him what he understood and he like explained it all perfectly and said that he wants to come to church and find out if this really is the true church, so that was awesome and we are excited to keep teaching him.

We had a Zone Conference in Rosario Oeste on Thursday that was so fun. Elder Smith (CCM buddy) and I got to hang out a ton, and we got to see the other Elder Smith (CCM comp) in Rosario! It’s always awesome to listen to Presidente Allred too, he’s so funny and inspiring. I love that guy. My compa bore his “last testimony” in the mission and that was cool.

We had a crazy day on Friday with some cool experiences. We went and mowed the lawn for that Hermano who just had back surgery, and he told us that the guy who we gave the blessing too calmed down a ton and slept for the first time in a while after we gave him a blessing, and then he just passed away on Thursday. His wife wants to listen to the missionaries now, which is super cool and she’s going to come to church on Sunday! The other cool experience we had was we were teaching this young couple, Augustin and Narea, and their little 2 year old daughter was standing on a chair at the table, and the chair tipped and she fell over the back but I reached out my hand and caught her just before her head would’ve smacked the ground, so that was a blessing haha. But then after that lesson, Augustin and Narea committed to be baptized! So we are super excited for them and we are going to keep working with them. We have lots of people with potential to get baptized soon so we can’t wait to keep teaching them.

Quick story, saw this kid who was at most 10 years old, riding his bike, steering with one hand, holding a can of beer that he was drinking in the other. There’s so much sin here it’s crazy, it always smells like cigarettes or weed and there are so many 15 or 16 year olds who are pregnant. The people in Argentina are suffering a lot because of the inflation and government and it’s tough to see a lot of times.

Overall, a good week! Just a pretty normal week of work haha. We are working hard and really trying to help these people come unto Christ. One thing I’ve come to notice is that families who are living the Gospel are always blessed. There are no super poor families (at least in my area) who are active in the church, and I know that this is because of the Lord’s promise. Really, if we keep the commandments, we will “prosper in the land.” The Lord is on our side, we just have to do our part and follow Him and He will always keep His part of the promise and bless us. This really is His church, the only true and living church on the earth. I love you all, thank you for everything! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for any of you. Thank you for all of your prayers, I’m praying for you guys too.

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