Week 20 – Yankee Food

We had a crazy day on Tuesday. We woke up and were getting ready and this suuuper loud alarm started going off in our apartment, and we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. We like dug through everything trying to find it and we couldn’t so we asked our neighbors and they came over and were helping us look for it, and it was this old smoke alarm that had fallen like behind and inside of this bookshelf thing hahaha my ears were ringing the whole day. But we had an awesome day. Two lessons with members, one with Hermana Caon and one of our new investigators, Estefania and her 2 year old son, Constantino. We’ve been teaching her recently and we had a super spiritual lesson with Hermana Caon and she is excited to keep learning. Our other lesson was Familia Sanchez and with these two kids, Aron and Lucy who want to get baptized! And they love us haha so that’s fun. We are working a ton with the members and super excited for our investigators.

We had a super weird day on Thursday. We had a lesson with this girl named Rocio, who said she knew that the Book of Mormon was true, but she’s not willing to come to church haha, so we will see what happens there. Then, we had another lesson with this lady and a member of the branch. It was our first lesson with the lady, but the member started going off about our covenants that we make and the sacrament and the poor lady was so confused. But, we finished off the night with an awesome lesson with this young couple, Augustin and Narea, who are progressing well!

Another dog story. That dog who I wrote about last week who is a beast and always follows us followed us around for 5 hours, and waited outside for two whole lessons hahaha. All of the other dogs go crazy barking because there’s like a new dog in their territory but he stands his ground and always wins the fights haha, we don’t know why he loves us. We named him Shrek and he followed us all of the way home, like 2 miles at least haha. We took pictures with him. UPDATE: We went back to his neighborhood the next day and HE WAS THERE. It was so awesome to see him and he was just running around like normal haha, and then he followed us all of the way back to our apartment, and we gave him food. He is such a beast.

There was like a food truck night put on by the city on Friday night, so we went to check what was happening. I got to eat a REAL hamburger and fries haha it was so good. They have hamburgers and fries here but it’s just not the same. That was fun to be able to eat “Yankee” food as they say here haha.

This has been a good week! I’m learning a lot and we are really trying to start having some more success. We’ve had a lotttt of disappointments, so that’s been hard. But I’m loving the mission and it’s super cool to see all of the little tender mercies. One cool experience was this was we went to a member’s house just to check up on them and share a spiritual thought about being an example to his family, and then on Sunday, our Branch Presidency changed and he was called as Branch President. He bore his testimony, and he talked about how he was praying at night kneeling down, and when he finished his prayer, he saw his two little kids kneeling down saying their prayers too. It’s such a cool opportunity that missionaries have to share so much good with the people. We talk with a lot of people and get a lot of rejection, but we have the chance to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. I know that this is Christ’s church and that it’s the only true and living church on the earth. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Him and His life, and we can learn so much by reading it daily. I love my Savior and getting to wear His name on my chest. I love you all! Thank you for everything. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help any of you!

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