Week 19 – Dog Days

We had an awesome day on Monday. We had a super cool experience with this mom and daughter we are teaching, Maria Elena and Carolina. We were teaching them about faith and the importance of the faith, and they were asking all of these super good questions that we could answer, and the Spirit was super strong. We walked out of the lesson, and my comp said “I’ve never heard you speak Spanish that well”. I didn’t even notice that I was speaking differently than normal or anything, but it’s so cool to see the Holy Ghost and gift of tongues in action. There are so many little miracles that we see every day, and it’s so cool to have the Lord with us as we work.

To change the tone, we were walking this week and saw these two ladies on their knees by this dog on the ground, and we walked over to see what was happening, and the dog had this giant chunk out of it’s head and ear, and they were pulling out all of the maggots from inside of it’s skin. There are always dogs that have their ears bitten off and it’s just bloody and gross, the dogs here get feisty over their territory. Another dog story, we have this one dog that always follows us around one of the neighborhoods and today we taught a lesson and it waited outside the house for over an hour for us until we walked out haha, I’ll try to take a picture. He’s a beast.

Our investigator, Nahuel, cut our hair this week. That was way fun, he was playing music from the US and planning his visit to us when we go home haha. We found out that he lives outside of our Branch, so we can’t teach him anymore so that was a bummer haha.

We were walking through the neighborhood and this old man sticks his head out through the window and says “come here” and we went and he had his shirt like halfway on and we were super confused, and he asked us if we could help him put it on. It was really humid that day and he was really sweaty, but you gotta do what you gotta do hahaha so we helped him put his shirt on.

Lots of stories this week haha, but one of our investigators, Rocio, has this little 6 month old daughter who has been sick recently and we offered to give her a blessing and she said yes, and we were doing that and had our hands on her head, and she was just sitting on the table, and she started to tip and just about to fall off of the table before I caught her haha. But it was a good experience and it’s always cool to help people feel the Spirit like that.

It was Elder Mathias’ birthday on Friday, and I bought him ice cream and candles so that was fun haha. We had a super long day in terms of teaching, with all of our plans falling through, but we made a new friend haha. This dog that we named Dave followed us around for more than 5 hours. Dogs here hate other dogs who come into their territory, but he stood his ground every time there were fights haha and just stayed with us all day. We took pictures and gave him a milanesa sandwich at the end of the day.

This has been a good week overall! We have a lot of families and couples we are teaching, which is awesome. We are working hard and trying our best to become the best missionaries we can be. I’m learning a lot from Elder Mathias and it’s fun being with him for his last transfer. My testimony is growing lots every day, but especially that this is Jesus Christ’s Church, and that it’s the only true church on the earth today. We talk with so many people who are lost and confused and missing the light of the Gospel in their life, and it’s hard to face so much rejection when we know that it’s only going to make their lives better. I’m so grateful for my Savior and for His love for me. I love wearing his name on my chest every day. I love you all, please let me know if there’s anything I can do for any of you!

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