Week 18 – Snakes and Rain

This has been a good week! 6 more weeks in Venado Tuerto! I’m super excited, I love it here and the Branch is awesome.

On Monday, we had an awesome lesson with this lady named Laura. We’ve been talking with her for like 4 weeks and she’s super awesome and really looking to receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. We read in Alma 32 about “faith is like a seed” and it was awesome. We are really hoping that she can keep reading and progressing!

Tuesday was a crazy day all around haha. Something I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is how everyone greets each other. Everyone will kiss each other on the cheek, like everyone haha. Girls kiss guys, guys kiss guys, girls kiss girls, and it’s just normal, like a little cheek to cheek haha. Pretty much everyone knows that we are missionaries and that we shake hands, but today we had a sketchy experience with that haha. We were teaching this lesson, and these two 24ish year old ladies walked into the room and were smoking and just asking us questions, and were very “interested” in us haha. We were finishing up the lesson, and we had another appointment to go to so we were trying to hurry but they just kept asking us questions and being very flirty, or “snake” as they say here haha (they are called snakes because they will hiss at the missionaries, instead of cat-calling or whistling). We stood up and were shaking everyone’s hand and one of the girls shook Elder Mathias’ hand for like 10 seconds without letting go, and I reach my hand out to shake hers and she just sits there and says “You’re cuter so you’re going to kiss me” and we just dipped out of there hahaha. But it was an awesome day, and we found some people we set lessons with that we are super excited for.

We had a super good day on Thursday! We helped out Gabriel Alasia, who is working on opening a store with his wife. We helped him paint the inside of it and that was fun. We had a super good day of lessons and taught some new people. We had the Spirit super strong with us in all of our lessons, and it’s just good to have days like this after a slower transfer.

Saturday was an amazing day! We had an awesome lunch with Familia Caon, I love them haha they’re the best. Then we had an awesome day of lessons and committed a bunch of people to come to church on Sunday. We had a lesson with a less active family, and we were fasting because it was Fast Sunday, and we walk into the lesson and they had made all this pizza for us hahaha and we didn’t want to make a scene so we just decided to fast Sunday to Monday. Then at night, we found out what’s happening with transfers! I’m staying in Venado Tuerto with Elder Mathias for his last transfer, which I’m way excited and happy about. We have a lot of investigators who we are super excited about, and I’m way excited to keep working with them. I also heard that my buddy, Elder Smith from the CCM is coming to Venado! So that’ll be super fun to see him.

We had a good day on Sunday, and a couple investigators come to church, including Nahuel (the rapper) and he loved it so that was awesome. We had a good day, but during the whole day, there was soooo much lightning in the sky, like it just stayed bright it was crazy. But had just walked into our apartment at night, and it started raining the hardest I’ve ever seen. It was super windy too and there was a ton of water coming into our apartment through the windows and we were trying to stop it and it was just crazy haha. The street was full of water in like 2 minutes. Heavenly Father is looking out for us.

We’ve had a great week in the work. Still looking for more people, but we are working and have people we are working with that we are excited about. We’ve been focusing this week on using the Book of Mormon during our contacts and lessons and everything. There is so much power in that book. I’m reading right now in 3 Nephi, and really there’s so much that we can learn from the Book of Mormon. I can promise every one of you that if you’re not reading the Book of Mormon, and start taking time out of your day to read it (5 minutes even), you’ll see the power in that book. I love being a missionary and being able to bring a message of such happiness to the people in Argentina. Thank you guys for all you do, I love you all!


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