Week 16 – Area Binder Miracle

Monday was such a good day. We had 3 lessons with 3 people that are super interested and that we are so excited to keep teaching. One named Alexa who had lots of good questions, another named Laura who was super interested and wants to learn more, and then one with Nahuel Albornoz who is this 23-year old rapper who is way sick and wants to come to church on Sunday! He cuts hair for his job and said he’d cut ours for free, and took us back to our apartment in his car after our lesson haha he’s a beast. It was super awesome to have a good day after a week of waiting, and we have a ton of appointments the next couple days so we are super excited for that.

We had an awesome day on Tuesday. We set a baptismal date for one of our investigators named Alexa, and had a bunch of lessons so that was awesome! It’s super cool to see success after last week being a bit of a harder week. It’s just cool to see how the Lord’s timing works, and how we just need to be patient and continue in faith. There’s so many little miracles that we see every day, it’s amazing. One of these little miracles is about this lady we just started teaching named Laura who is super interested in the church and we have a lesson with her tomorrow, but we found her by going through our Area Binder and finding her husband, who listened to the missionaries in 2010. We decided to try to find him, and met his wife who has never listened to the missionaries or anything and it’s just amazing to see how involved the Lord is in missionary work. We were looking for her husbands file, but were in a hurry, and I’d just looked through the whole binder trying to find it but couldn’t, and I thought to myself “If it’s important to find, I’ll flip right to it” and out of the hundreds of pages, I flipped right to his name. There’s so many cool little tender mercies and blessings that we see every day, and it’s awesome to be teaching people about Christ and his path for us.

On Wednesday, we had a special Zone Conference in another town (Pergamino) with Elder Villar of the 70! That was such a cool opportunity to be able to listen to his guidance and words just for us. He talked a lot about faith, and how we need to develop that the best we can in ourselves, and then show our faith through our actions. Then later that day, we had an awesome lesson with Laura who we found through that miracle with the Area Binder! She’s going to read and pray tonight and we have another lesson with her this week so we are super excited for that.

My English is already trash haha we taught this girl who knows English, so we’d speak in parts for English and it was super weird. I’ll talk a little bit more about Venado Tuerto. There’s lots of chorros, people who go around on bikes with a ghetto box full of donuts or churros on the front selling them with super annoying horns. Everyone just runs their own businesses out of there house, which is nice because there’s always stores close if we need anything. We get offered drugs and alcohol daily haha. Venado is a huge farming town, so almost all of our investigators are semilleros, like farmers who work in the field, planting.

There are so many dogs, I had to run like the fastest I’ve ever ran the other day because this dog was chasing us haha but everything is all good. The majority of them are nice, but they’re all super dirty and always are missing ears or eyes from fighting with other dogs.

Very rarely is there a kid under the age of 2 with clothes on haha, they’re always naked. Moms just breastfeed out in public so that’s always interesting. Some of our investigators that we’ve brought to church have started breastfeeding during sacrament meeting haha. Everyone rides motorcycles, I’ve seen up to 6 people riding one at a time.

But I’m loving the mission! It’s such a cool experience and I’m definitely learning a ton. There’s more peace in Christ than anything else. He knows us better than anyone else, and we always have Him to turn to when we need help. I’ve been reading The Book of Mormon a ton recently, and there’s such a direct correlation of when the people are following Christ and keeping the commandments, they are successful and “prosper in the land.” They still have challenges of all kinds, but the Lord always keeps his promise with them, that He will deliver them. We have the same promise extended to us, we just need to remember to keep following Christ and keeping the commandments, and Heavenly Father will help us and bless us with the things we need, and deliver us from our trials and hardships. I’m so grateful for my Savior and for the opportunity I have to talk about Him everyday. I love you all and hope you have a good week! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you!


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