Week 15 – 5 steps of teaching

Monday was a great day! We played futbol in the morning and then ran errands and then had a service project with our Branch President, Presidente Caon. I love that guy haha; he’s 28 year old skater who is super funny. Then we had a dinner with Familia Sanchez, and taught some of their friends with our Zone Leaders and that went awesome.

Tuesday was good! We had a lesson that went well with Milagros, but her parents aren’t letting her get baptized (for right now), so that’s a bummer and we are praying for that. We had some other super good lessons today so that’s good. Just a pretty normal day.

On Wednesday, we had another service project where we dug up this giant stump in Hermano Vargas’ front yard. We have been having tons of service haha, my companion says that he’s had more service in this transfer than in all of his mission. We had a good day of teaching, and we have some lessons tomorrow that we are really excited about.

Thursday was just a normal day. It’s the middle of summer here, so everyone is traveling so it’s hard when all of our investigators are going on vacation and busy with family. But just a normal day! Lots of dogs, mosquitos, and people drinking mate haha.

We had just another normal day on Friday. A couple of appointments that we had fell through so that was a bummer, but tomorrow we have some good appointments so that should be good!

Just another day in the mission on Saturday haha, it hasn’t been a very exciting week. We had some good lessons with less active families today, and talked with Marcelo who is getting ready to go to the temple on the 23rd! So that’s super exciting and cool to see. We were contacting houses today and walked past this one house that had a dog chained up inside a fence, so I wasn’t worried or anything but it got up and started bolting towards the fence, and the chain was long enough that it could get through the fence and it got like an inch away from chomping my leg before the chain stopped it, haha it was so close. We are hoping that some of our investigators can come to church tomorrow, as always.

Sunday was a good day with some success finally haha. We didn’t have anyone come to church so that was a bummer, but we had an awesome lesson with this 18-year old kid named Sebastian and we have a bunch of lessons set for tomorrow so that’ll be good.

It’s been a hard week but a good one. One thing I’ve come to notice is how big of a blessing it is to have the Gospel in our lives. It is a perfect plan for us to follow, that leads to more happiness than any other way. We teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 5 steps. First, faith, which is both believing and acting. Next, repentance, which most importantly is recognizing that that opportunity comes because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The next two steps are baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. And last, is endure to the end. The majority of us have already been baptized and confirmed, and now we are in the cycle of faith, repentance, and enduring to the end, which is mainly the sacrament. The more we can learn about how to make the most of this cycle, the more we can live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and grow closer to Him. 3 Nephi 27 and 28 are great chapters about this where Jesus teaches us about His Gospel. I know that there is no happier way for us to follow in this life than following this perfect path of Jesus Christ, just like He taught us. I’m so grateful for this Gospel in my life, and I know that this church really is Christ’s church on the earth. Thank you guys all for all of your prayers and everything! I love you all. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you guys!


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