Week 14 – Mosquitos & Service Projects

Monday was a good day! We played futbol in the morning which was great, and then we went to a service project where we cut branches off of this avocado tree and that was good. It was so hot and humid, I’ve never sweated that much haha. Then we went out for the day and that was good! We have a lot of people who are on the fence with the church and everything, so we are trying to help them.

Tuesday was insane. The hottest day of my life hahaha. 100+ degrees, with super-humidity, outside and walking the streets just dying haha – it was crazy. We had a service project and we were cutting this roof thing and putting it on top of this big canopy, and that was good. Luckily, there were big storm clouds that came and covered us during that so that made it bearable haha but I’d seriously never been as hot as I was today. But still a good day! That service project took up the majority of the day but we are excited to get back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday was an awesome day and we helped a ton of people! But most exciting, we set a baptismal date for Feb. 16th with this girl named Milagros! So that’s super exciting. We had a busy day today and talked with a bunch of less active people and saw some cool tender mercies.

Thursday was a rough one haha. We walked the whole day, and the only house we got inside of was with one of our investigators, who said he wasn’t interested in the Church anymore so that was a bummer.

Friday was a long but good day! We had a service project in the morning where we painted these chairs for 4 hours straight haha so that was fun, and then I had splits with my District Leader, Elder Almendras, and that was super fun. There’s this sandwich place close to their apartment named Mario’s and they have the best sandwiches and we finished the night with those so that’s always good.

On Saturday, I got more mosquito bites and killed more mosquitos than any other day in my life. Everywhere we walked, there were just clouds of them. We were teaching a lesson to this less active member and I had like 20 on my legs and arms, it was so bad (yes – he is applying copious amounts of bug spray). But it was a good day, we talked with a lot of less active people and are hoping that they can come to church tomorrow!

Sunday was a good day! We had some good success finally this week and found a family to teach so that was good! Also, Marcelo, who we baptized recently, received the Aaronic Priesthood, so that was awesome. Then we had a fun activity with the branch at night.

Overall, a hard week but a good one! It’s hard because it’s the middle of summer here so everyone is traveling, but we are very excited for a lot of the people we are teaching, especially Milagros! I’m loving Venado Tuerto and things with Elder Mathias are good!

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