Week 12 – Goodbye Elder Anderson

Monday was a good day! We played futbol in the morning with all of the Elders as always and that was super fun. Then, we had a service project mowing and trimming this lady’s lawn and it started dumping rain like crazy so we got soaked but it was good. Then we had a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) with Familia Menchie and 3 nonmembers and that went great. We played a game and shared a spiritual thought and it went well.

Tuesday was just a normal day. We had district council in the morning and talked about how we can have Atoning Love, the kind of love Christ has for us. Then we had lunch at a member’s restaurant and that was really good. Then we had some good lessons of teaching and Marcelo had his interview to receive the Priesthood and is going to do that this Sunday, if he’s not traveling! So that’s super exciting. Everyone is very anxious to find out what is happening with transfers on Saturday. I’m guessing I’ll stay here in Venado Tuerto with my companion, but he has 10 months in Venado, so maybe he’ll be leaving.

Wednesday was great! I went on splits with Elder Packer and that was way fun. We were contacting this one lady, and we always have little cards to pass out and we giving her one and she says “That’s idolatry” and was trying to explain how a picture of Jesus being baptized was idolatry haha it was super funny.
On Thursday, we went on splits with our zone leaders, Elder Palacin and Elder Sovereign and it was awesome. I was with Elder Sovereign and it was super fun and I learned a lot. It started raining and we got soaked and it was freezing but still a good day.

On Friday we had splits with Elder Bazan and Elder Moraga. I was with Elder Moraga, and it was a pretty normal day. We taught a lesson to this guy named Cristian who is really good and interested in our message, and while we were teaching him, he was talking about his family and said “my goal is to get married in the church, because I don’t want to be together just for this life” so that was perfect and we are excited to teach him in his family more. Other than that, just a normal day. There are so many mosquitos it’s the worst. Anytime we are somewhere with dirt roads there are just clouds of them and there’s no way to avoid getting bit. Tomorrow we find out what is happening with transfers so we are super excited for that!

Today is Saturday and we had an awesome day! We taught 3 super powerful lessons and helped a lot of people which is awesome. After one of our lessons, this lady named Clarisa said “I know that I need to be baptized.” so that is super awesome. We have at least 6 investigators coming to church tomorrow too so we are super excited for that! We were meeting with a less active family and we were able to give one of the sons a blessing of health and that was super powerful and the spirit was very strong. We got a call from our Zone Leaders and figured out what was happening with transfers! We were hoping to stay together, but Elder Anderson is going to Rosario to be a ZL, and I’m staying in this same area with Elder Mathias. I’m super excited!

Sunday was such a fun day. We had 3 investigators come to church and 2 have said they want to get baptized so that is super awesome. Then we had an asada with Familia Menchi for Elder Anderson’s last meal and that was super yummy and way fun. We were like messing around and dancing and they have this big pit bull that’s super sweet named Juana, and she got a little excited with our playing and started mounting my leg for a second hahaha we were laughing so hard. Then we went out contacting and had some success which is always good. Then we had an activity in the chapel with the branch where we played games and it was super fun. I love my branch and it’s so fun to be a part of. Familia Menchi is awesome, Presidente Caon and his family are super fun, and there are so many other families that are so loving and have been so welcoming. I’m loving Venado Tuerto and I can’t wait to have another transfer here.

Tomorrow I meet my new companion, Elder Mathias, and I can’t wait!
Also, Happy Birthday to my sister Avery this week who is turning 11 and to my dad who is turning into an old man (46). I love you guys and miss you!

Venado Tuerto branch
Venado Tuerto branch farewell for E. Anderson. Tate is back middle.


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