Week 11 – Marcelo and more dogs

Monday was way fun! We got up and played futbol with all of the Elders as usual which is awesome, then just ran errands and did things we needed to do until the night where we went out contacting. We talked with Marcelo, who has surgery for his kidney stones on Wednesday, and he’s such a beast. He has so much faith in Jesus Christ so quickly and it’s so cool to see. We were walking home at night, and there’s this one big yellow lab that always barks really loud and chases us, and I said to Elder Anderson that today was the day we become friends with the dog. So Elder Anderson walked across the street ready to run and I walked up to the dog and it was barking all scary, and I slowly extended my hand until I was petting it. I petted it for like 5 seconds and it started growling way loud and then it started barking and I just booked it so fast and it was chasing me, but it eventually stopped hahaha it was so funny.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day. We had district council in the morning and then just a usual day of contacting.

Wednesday was awesome! We had interviews with Presidente Allred and that was awesome. He’s an awesome guy and teacher and is so loving. Then we had a successful day afterward, teaching lots of lessons and committing lots of people to come to church on Sunday so that was awesome. At night, we were walking and this 20ish year old guy and his girlfriend pull up on his motorcycle and he says “Hey Hey can you come by my house tomorrow?”. Sadly, he’s not in our area but we gave the reference to other Elders, but it’s super cool to be part of tender mercies like that.
Thursday was a good day! We had a dog try to kill us this morning so that was exciting. Then later in the day, we were contacting and knocked on this 80-year old guy named Abel’s door and he brought us inside and showed us his massive stamp collection hahaha it was so organized and pointless it was crazy. And he had a collection of money from a bunch of places around the world and wanted us to bring any U.S. dollars we had to trade haha it was a weird experience. We’ve been having good success with teaching people and have a lot of people committed to come to church. We are especially hoping that this younger couple, Antonela and Gaston, come to church because if they do then they can get baptized next Saturday!

Dang Friday was awesome! We talked with so many people and have lots of people we committed to come to church who we are very excited about. We set a baptismal date today! For Feb. 10th with this guy named Alejandro. He is addicted to cocaine and is an alcoholic, but wants to change his life so bad and is very receptive to the Spirit. We are sending him messages every night to help him as much as we can. We had a ton of other success, which is always the best. We are very excited for the next couple days and to hopefully have a bunch of people come to church!

Saturday was a good day! Same old contacting. We have 8 people committed to come to church so hopefully they can all come!

Sunday was crazy but fun! We had church in the morning and that was super good. All the youth just got back from EFY (PFJ here) in Buenos Aires and one of the members has a friend who she took with her to EFY who isn’t a member but said she wants to get baptized and serve a mission so that’s super awesome. We have a Family Home Evening tomorrow with their family so hopefully, that goes well. Marcelo came to church too and has his interview for the Priesthood on Tuesday! He’s doing great after his operation on kidney stones on Wednesday, he’s a beast. After church, we had lunch with Familia Emacora and it was soooooo good. We sat down and she pulled out sooo much food, there was barely room for our plates on the table and it was all just appetizers but everything was so good haha. Then we went out for the day. We talked with this pastor who we talked about the Book of Mormon with and said he was going to read it. While we were talking with him, all of this yelling started and people like throwing punches through the windows of a taxi and just a ton of fighting. That was crazy and went on for like 30 minutes, someone had thrown a rock at the person in the taxi. Then we were walking back to our apartment and were talking with these two guys our same age, and two cop cars pulled up and the kids had been drinking and the cops were going to pat them down for drugs but we were there and they used us as an excuse so they left, so now they owe us one and we get to teach them haha.

I love being a missionary! It’s hard, and frustrating when I can’t understand people, but it’s so cool seeing Marcelo come to church and makes it all worth it. I love sharing something all day, every day, that has potential to make every single person we share it with have such a better life. I love this gospel and I’m so grateful to have it in my life. I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ and for His love for me and for all of us. I love all of you guys and I’m so grateful for the influence you’ve had on me. Thank you all for your prayers. The church is true!

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