Week 10 -Feliz Año Nuevo

Our New Year’s Eve was awesome! We got all of the Elder’s together and played futbol and had ice cream and that was super fun. We played for like 4 hours so that was super fun. It’s a way cool experience getting to know all of the Elders, coming from so many different places and having so many different stories, but all of them are taking 2 years out of their life to serve the Lord. They’re all awesome guys, and I’ve loved getting to know them.
New Year’s Day was super different and felt way weird but was way fun. We had permission to stay up late, and there were two other Elders staying with us for the night, so we just played games, like Hearts and Uno until 4AM and then slept in the next morning until like 12. Then we woke up and were trying to find something to do, but the whole city was like, dead for the holiday it was crazy. So we just went to the chapel and played more of those games. We had like no food so all we ate was a couple bits of pasta and candy all day, until the night where found a place that was open and got hamburgers which tasted so good because it was our first real food of the day. Then we played more cards and went to sleep hahaha it was the weirdest day. But during the day, we got a call from one of the Hermanos in our branch, saying that Marcelo (the guy we just baptized) was in the hospital with appendicitis and then a bunch of other problems came up so that is scary so we are going to go visit him tomorrow. Happy New Year! My only full calendar year in the mission. I can’t wait! Vamos todavia!
Wednesday was an awesome day. We had super good attitudes and lots of faith, and really worked on how we can teach people the best to make them want to be baptized. After we planned and went out contacting for the day, we went out and found 5 new people to teach really quickly, so that was awesome and super rewarding. We also visited Marcelo in the hospital, who was doing good as he always is. He said that he was doing lots better, but they did tests on his heart and he might have to get a pacemaker so that’s scary so we are going to pray and help him as much as we can. The rest of the day was good! Just contacting people and we found some good people to teach.

Thursday was a good day! We had some good success and found some good new people to teach, but the best part of our day was teaching this guy named Nahuel, who is 24 and a beast. He had tons of good questions and was super attentive during our lesson so that was awesome. Hopefully, he can come to church on Sunday and get baptized. Other than that just a pretty normal day!
Friday was a good day! I went on splits with Elder Bazan from Peru, who has 2 weeks left in the mission. That was a cool experience, he’s a funny guy. We were walking to one of our appointments and walked past one of the 298,342,975 dogs here on the street, and it was just chillin in the shade, and like a step after where the dog was laying, I feel something pull on my leg super hard and the dog had tried to bite me and ripped my pants hahaha. I’m just glad he didn’t get my skin or anything. We have a lot of people who are on the fence of getting baptized or not, so we’ve been working a lot on our teaching and hopefully we can help them do that.
Saturday was just another pretty normal day! We had lunch with Familia Caon, and they’re awesome. Presidente Caon is our branch president and a super awesome guy, and they have this little 3 year old son named Bruno who is super funny. Other than that, nothing too exciting. Just hoping as always that a lot of people can come to church tomorrow!
Sunday was crazy but good! There was a ton of rain all night and all day, and we woke up and our front room of our apartment was like flooded so a lot of our stuff was soaked but it’s okay, nothing got ruined. Then we had (2 hour!) church which was good! We had this guy named Nahuel committed to come, but he thought church was at 9PM, not AM hahaha so that was a bummer. Then we had a good day of teaching. We found a lot of people which is always awesome.The rain is crazy, parts that were like 2 feet deep of water in the streets. But I love the rain here, when there’s lightning, it lasts for like 45 seconds every time.

I’m loving Venado Tuerto and the mission. It’s crazy that I’m really a missionary and out in the field. My Spanish is coming along well, and I’m learning lots and lots. It’s hard working nonstop every day, but I know I couldn’t spend my time doing something better than serving the Lord for these 2 years. One quote that we heard in the CCM was “Give Christ everything you’ve got, because he did the same for you.” It’s crazy thinking of how much He suffered for all of us. He loves us all so much, and so does our Heavenly Father. I’m so grateful for this knowledge of the Gospel in my life. I’m seeing it bless peoples lives, including my own, every single day. I love being a missionary!

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