SJ Week 6 – Elder Bryan

It’s been an awesome week here! Lots has happened!On P-Day we went on a hike up this little canyon in our area. It was fun to be with other missionaries after a while of not having that kinda experience.

We had an awesome (in-person) lesson with Jesús! He is AMAZING. He was referred by temple Square sisters after he requested Bible study sessions and he is absolutely awesome. We taught him The Restoration and he was very excited to read and pray about The Book of Mormon. He’s awesome and we are so excited for his progress.

We later went to the mission office to get our new companions. One of the APs, Elder Sandstrom, came up to me and asked if I knew Elder Isom. I said I did, because we were serving in Argentina together! I was AP when he first got to the mission. Elder Sandstrom says “he’s here.”. And he had been reassigned to the same mission! So I went in and surprised him and that was super fun to catch back up with him. He’s a stud. Ive now seen his first day in the mission twice hahaha.

I then met my new comp! His name is Elder Bryan from Queen Creek, Arizona. He was serving in the Argentina Comodoro-Rivadavia Mission (far from Rosario) for about 3 months before getting reassigned. So we’ve been speaking lots of Spanish and I kinda feel like a trainer for the first time haha so that’s been fun. He’s a good kid and we get along great so that’s a blessing. We live with Elder Christiansen and his new companion, Elder Kuttler from Idaho Falls who got reassigned from Piura, Perú. He’s a stud and it’s been way fun with the four of us already.

I drove for my first time as a missionary! It’s pretty weird haha. We have this little box that tracks all of the things you do and warns you if you’re driving badly haha. I’ve only gotten a few speed checks and one aggressive driving hahaha so we are doing great.

We are technically whitewashing into our new area, even though I already know some members, but we’ve been doing a lot of get to know you calls and stuff like that. We are starting to find more people and get on our feet. We are super excited about our future here! We called someone that the missionaries used to teach and then dropped who told us that he was so happy to get in contact with us, because he’d just finished The Book of Mormon and was trying to find out number so he could continue to prepare to be baptized! So that was a huge blessing. We’ve had several other miracles and have some amazing people to help here.

We did tons of service this week. We helped our Bishop by taking some stuff yo the dump, we went to this food bank place and bagged chicken, we weeded, and we delivered boxes of food to people. That was fun as always, it’s nice being able to get more and more outside.

This week, we had an in person Zone Training Meeting! We definitely had 17 people when you are only allowed to have 15 people, pero bueno, qué va a hacer (oh well, what can you do?). That went awesome, I gave a workshop on working with members. It’s weird being Zone Leader without my comp being ZL haha. The other Zone Leader, Elder Hasek from Atlanta, is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He raced cars for Porsche, played semi-pro basketball, was in the army, was Elders Quorum Pres at BYU-I, and so many other things. He’s so talented with such an amazing testimony. I love that kid and I’ve learned tons from him already.

We are excited for another week! Things are doing good. Still no news as to when church will start back up and stuff like that, I’m guessing at least another month. But, the work continues! We are working with a lot of less actives who have felt super motivated to come back to church during this crazy time. We are so blessed!I love this work, and I love my Savior! Lemme know if there’s anything I can do for any of you guys! I love you all! 

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