Week 72 – COVID-19

As I’m sure it has been for all of you, this week has been CRAZY.

First off, I’m so grateful for Elder Lampros. It’s been so fun this first week together with him, and I’m super grateful that he is here helping organize everything and keep me from being stressed. I love that kid tons. 

On Tuesday morning, I said goodbye to Elder Marin. That was tough haha. We sang to them, like we always do, just before they got on the bus to Buenos Aires. Then, we had one last hug and they went off. I learned a ton from him and I’m so grateful that I was able to be with him. Then, we went to the airport with the new missionaries! That was super fun as always. There were only six new missionaries, which made it an easy day.

That’s when the craziness started happening. We first got a message saying that we had to go buy food just in case we have to be quarantined, and they gave us a rule the we could no longer shake hands, which is basically impossible as a missionary. Then, that night, President called us and let us know about the news that all church meetings would be suspended. We couldn’t believe it. We are in charge of letting all the Zone Leaders know, so it’s been a week full of writing and sending texts.

It’s obviously been a stressful situation for everyone, but there has also been some cool blessings. We were able to have “church” with Maxi and Vanesa and their family (recent converts). There was a special spirit that I´m sure many of you guys felt at home.

I’ve been thinking this week about: Why all of this is happening? What does the Lord want us to learn? I think more than anything, he wants us to become spiritually self-reliant. We all have more opportunities to be together with our loved ones, be at home, and trust in God. If we can take advantage of this opportunity, this can be an accelerator instead of a pause.

We are going to keep working hard, and helping others come unto Christ in the ways we can. We are now no longer able to contact new people, so we will be working lots with the members and the people we have already found! It’ll be another exciting, crazy week.

We had an AWESOME lesson this week with Brian and Aldana. After many weeks, they put a date to be married and then baptized! It was so awesome and we are so excited for them. Another girl we are teaching, Bianca, is getting ready for her baptism in April and is very excited for that.

I love you guys so much and I’m praying for you! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’m safe, happy, and healthy here. We are very well taken care of by President and Sister Allred. I love you guys! I invite you to watch the videos that President Nelson and the church have released recently (especially the Hear Him Easter message). The Lord is BOUND when we do what he says. I love you all. I love my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

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