Week 71 – Farewell Elder Marin

For the first time in four transfers, my companion changed! Elder Marin goes home tomorrow, and coming here to be with me in Belgrano as AP is Elder Lampros! He goes home one transfer before I do, and is from Colorado! He’s such a stud and so loving and funny. We are way excited for our time together and are gonna work HARD, have a party and baptize!

We had a service project on Saturday with Brian and Aldana. We helped them build their house and had a lot of fun. I love that family. We are helping them towards baptism, and they are progressing a ton and are super excited for their future. 

We had another amazing week. The craziest day was Friday. We had Mission Leadership Council in the morning which went awesome. We talked a lot about the Restoration and how we can prepare the mission for General Conference in April! Then, the ward, especially Maria Paz had a huge surprise activity at the church building for Elder Marin. She made this video of pictures from his whole mission, and then we went into another room where it was decorated with food and these pictures of Elder Marin from his mission. That was super special and Elder Marin was very surprised and touched. 

Then on Sunday, we were blessed and lots of our friends came to church! Elder Marin bore his testimony, where we then ate lunch with the Bishop and his family. Then, we went around saying goodbye to those we were teaching and the members. 

On Monday, we had to manage all of the transfers and all of the missionaries moving around. That went well! We only lost one suitcase haha, which is better than normal.

On my splits, I was with Elder Swartz and Elder Packer. That was cool. We have been very blessed with success. We have tons of friends progressing and we are seeing many blessings. I love the mission. It’s been weird this week knowing that it’s my last week with Elder Marin. I’ve loved these four transfers that we have shared together. He has taught me so much, and we have grown a ton together. The biggest example that he gave to me was through service. He was always serving everyone, including me. There were many times where he had shined my shoes, organized my things, made my breakfast, washed the dishes, and was just always looking for ways to serve. I love that kid, and I’m going to miss him. But now, I’m super excited for this time with Elder Lampros. That kid is awesome, and we are gonna do some cool things together.

I love you guys!

I loved the video from President Nelson this week, inviting us to think about how we hear the voice of Jesus Christ. I invite you to accept his invitation and seek what God wants to communicate to you. I love you guys! Thanks for everything.

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