Week 50 – Toe’s a no-go

On Monday, we were playing soccer and my toe was doing perfectly fine. We played in the morning, and I had no problem. Then, we were playing with the ward in the afternoon and my foot got stepped on, and it hurt pretty bad. I tried walking it off and was ready to keep playing, but my companion told me I needed to check it. I went and sat down and took off my shoe and sock and there was lots of blood haha. It was like the chair fell on my toe all over again so that was a bummer. The people from the ward helped me with my foot and then for the rest of the day and the next day, I was back to proselyting in Crocs.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we had Zone Conferences with all of the missionaries. On Wednesday, I went back to Venado Tuerto (first area)! That was super fun to have all of the memories come back. I got to get to know President a lot better and Hermana Allred. I love working with them. They’re so funny and loving and have helped my testimony so much. President also has bought us ice cream after the Zone Conferences, so that has been nice. 

Even with being so busy, we’ve had an awesome week with the people we are teaching. On Friday, this guy named Maxi had his baptismal interview! He´s so awesome and has read the Book of Mormon until 3 Nephi! I love that guy so much, and he is super excited for his baptism on Saturday. He asked me if I could baptize him, so that’ll be super cool. Also, Gimena, who I wrote about last week, will get baptized next week too! She’s super awesome and excited, and is helping her family a ton with her example. We teach her lessons every night through a phone call, and she has matured spiritually so much since we started talking. We are super excited for next Saturday!

On Saturday, we had a Mini’MTC activity. Elder Smith and I got paired up with this kid that was super funny. We went out in the streets to contact with him, and in the contacts, he was asking for their phone number and address right off the bat haha. That was a super fun activity.

On Sunday night, we went to the mission home to plan out this next week and Hermana Allred made this bean dip that was so good haha. It’d been so long since I’d eaten Mexican food. I’ve loved working with President and Hermana Allred this week. I’ve learned so much from them already and it’s been awesome to spend time together. They’re so funny and have helped my testimony so much.

It’s been a crazy week but a good one! I’m loving the mission and working harder than ever. We are super excited for next Saturday and the baptisms that we will have! This week, and for the next four weeks, we have splits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so that’ll be crazy and lots of fun. Thank you guys for everything! I love you and I’m super grateful for all that you do for me. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. This is Christ’s Church, we really do have a loving Heavenly Father, and they listen to and answer our prayers. 

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