Week 6 – Off to Argentina

Tate left the CCM/MTC Mon at 4:30am for his trip to Argentina. We knew nothing of his travel plans, so were anxious to hear that he made it safely.

We received some random photos from a mom at the airport from Utah, who knew that moms want photos. Plus, we found a couple shots of Tate on the CCM/MTC Facebook page, that were answers to our prayers.

We received a quick note from him today, saying “I made it safeley” after a long 2 days of travel and delays, and that he would write more on Monday (his P-day).

If you want to send Tate a card (no packages), here is his address

Elder Tate James Cannon

Argentina Rosario Mission

Blvd Argentino 7935

2000 Rosario

Santa Fe


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