Week 1 – CCM/MTC

Hola from Mexico! It is crazy here haha there’s so much going on!It’s like you wake up in the middle of being asleep and you’re being thrown out of a plane. But the Spirit is so strong here it’s incredible. It is such an amazing feeling being surrounded by so many Elders and Sisters all devoting 2 years/18 months of service towards the Lord. There is so many opportunities for everyone to feel the Spirit here. Someone described it as a “Spiritual Disneyland” and that is a very accurate description. I love my district and teachers. My companions name is Elder Smith and he is from Tuscon, AZ. He is so hardworking and always wanting to learn more Spanish so that is awesome and a great influence on me.

When we first got to Mexico, we met our guide and he took us to this van. We went on the craziest bus ride through the city to get here. Traffic is insane and everyone drives so close to each other. It’s such a cool place though all of the houses are so close together and different colors. The CCM is so cool. The grass is so green and there’s all of these amazing birds and trees and stuff. The food is good but it’s getting old haha. They just cycle through the same things over and over. Haven’t gotten sick yet, but most missionaries do so I’m sure that’s coming haha. There is crazy storms here, so much rain and the loudest lightning ever and they just come out of nowhere and then they are gone 10 minutes later. I love the storms.
I’ve seen Carter Bennion, Chewy Broadbent, Jack Anderson and Asher Jensen haha it’s so fun seeing buddies in the same experience. The days feel so long but so worth it. It is a little frustrating when you can’t understand the Spanish being spoken, but my Spanish has already gotten so much better. In my room is Elder Erasmus from Draper who graduated from Corner Canyon and Elder Miklich from Gilbert, AZ. My best friend that I’ve made is Elder Smith (a different one) in my district from Austin, TX. He’s the nicest kid ever and is way funny. Everyone at the CCM is so nice and welcoming, and I’ve made tons of friends. Our district is all way tight and we are almost all leaving to the same mission on December 11th(not the 29th!) so that is way cool. I love all my teachers(Hermano Mora is my main Spanish teacher and he is way nice and funny), they’re all from Mexico City but they speak semi-good English so it kind of feels like a total immersion class so that is sometimes difficult but I feel like it has actually helped my Spanish.

I had a cool experience on Saturday where we had our first “lesson” with Hermano Mora and we were just giving a basic first lesson in broken Spanish but I started talking about the Book of Mormon and how I knew that it was true, and it was like my mouth was just being filled with words. It was so cool and the gift of tongues is so apparent here. There is no way I could be learning Spanish this quickly normally, but thanks to that, it is helping out a lot. It’s such a unique experience and has made my testimony so much stronger.

Sundays are amazing here. Every day is just like classes all day with breaks for meals, but Sundays are way more relaxed and there is just an even more spiritual feel. For our opening hymn for sacrament meeting, we sung “Asombro me da” or “I Stand All Amazed” and while we were singing it, I was thinking about the words in English. “I tremble to know that for me He was crucified, that for me a sinner, He suffered, He bled and died.” This has been on my mind a lot recently, because none of us are perfect, but our perfect Savior went through all of the pain and hardship for us, so we could experience His Atonement and return to live with our Father in Heaven again. He loves us all soooo much more than we can imagine, and I know that without a doubt.
I can already feel and see my testimony growing so much. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much more than we can imagine. I know that our Savior died for us, and suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for all of us. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission and be a representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to wear his name on my badge.

Thank you all for your prayers, I can feel them with me. I’m praying for you guys too and hope that everything is going well.
I’m so grateful for all of you and I love you all.


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