Day 1 – Quick

I made it safe! I’m happy and healthy and well fed. Have everyone email me so I can email you guys. I love you and miss you and hope you’re all doing okay.  Thanks for everything you’re amazing!

It will probs be a week until I email you again. My pday is Wednesday. Mexico City is crazy but so cool. My flights were good. I sat next to Sister Sandy Clark, who used to be a mission president in the Philippines! But not Dwain’s mission- haha. I’m not sure who my comp is yet, it’s so weird being called “Elder”- haha. That’ll take a little getting used to. Anyways I hope there hasn’t been too much crying today and that you are all happy. Thanks for all of your help with packing and everything. I love you guys! Goodbye!!!


Tate is on the left side, 3rd row of Elders, 2nd from the left, yellow tie

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